Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to pick a snowboard...

... always by its looks, of course! I know the hard core riders out there are shaking their heads at this, but you cant take the priss out of a priss. Seriously though, my technical preferences are quite simple but the graphics have to appeal to me. I am in the market for a new board- after nearly a decade together, my Burton Feather and I are going our separate ways. Besides, I have a wellness spending account to blow and I can't think of a better idea to use it!

I found five boards online that made my short list. Here they are in the order of most to least favored:

1) GNU B-Street BTX in the French graphics series. By the same makers of top of the line Lib Tech snowboards, GNU can "borrow" the same technology for their products. This all mountain freestyle board won the Snowboarders Best of Test Awards 2012. The reason it's at the top of my list is because it's good for intermediate riders. So there is hope that I can maybe progress with it? :) Besides, I love the purple leapard print!

2) Never Summer Pandora. Handbuilt in Denver, Colorado, these boards are known to be light. The Pandora is a good beginner's board and has the high flex meant for the half pipe and snowpark. Not that I spend much time there, anyways... every landing is more painful than the next :)

3) Burton Restricted Nugget. You can never go wrong with a Burton, and this is board is agile and easy to handle (so the specs say). Unfortunately, it is only available at Restricted dealers and that requires effort to find.

4) Burton Social. Now, you can't get any more frilly than flowers on a snowboard! This is another super flexible board from Burton and apparently has won awards.

5) Rossignol Zena. This is another beginner's board that is an older season model. Despite being quite pretty, I may not be able to find this in a 140 cm.

So wish me luck on my hunt! Everyone knows the thrill is in the search... Have a great new year's and happy snowboarding!

(If any petite gal out there wants my ol' Burton Feather or anyone with a kid who can ride a 139 cm, please let me know!)

Update: This is what I ended up bringing home...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inadvertent Boxing week find
Ha, just when I thought I resisted the temptation to shop on Boxing Day.. the boxing day deals found me! Yesterday while we were grocery shopping at Superstore, I wandered into the Joe Fresh clothing section. Normally I rubberneck as we go by but never seriously look. Dear hubby ran out to get something from the vehicle so I had a few mins to kill. Then voila, I found this merino wool dolman sleeve top hanging in the clearance aisle for.... $2.94!

Think of all the things that cost more on a grocery bill:

1) 2L of soy milk - $3.97
2) box of Mini Wheats - $5.98
3) large pineapple - $3.98
4) bag of instant miso soup - $4.49
5) bag of romaine lettuce - $2.99

You get the idea? Only the insane would not throw it in the shopping cart... and its pretty darn cute on! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011!

I just wanted to take a minute out of the holiday sessions of gluttony and visiting to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and, of course, a wonderful and prosperous start to 2012!

Fitting for the occasion, our niece Sophie was Vogue-ing it in a ridiculously cute red tweed dress that we found. It was very Chanel-like, we had to get it for her!

(I've asked her my sister in law for it back as a hand-me-down if we ever have a daughter :)

Yes, I will admit I am that lame!

More lame-ness to come in the near year - I promise!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Model weddings of 2011

If your job allows you to wear clothes by some of the greatest designers in the world, what would you wear for your wedding day? And if your job takes you to some of the most exotic locations in the world for photoshoots, where would you chose to say "I do"?

I was just reading's 2011 year in numbers recap and it listed the weddings of some well-known models that took place. And here I've expanded this list for you with the exception of Josephine de la Baume & Mark Ronson's wedding in Aix-en-Provence, France and Snejana Onopka's wedding in Kiev, Ukraine. Simply because both brides aren't big household names.. yet! :)

1) Kate Moss in custom John Galliano, England - I adored the flower girls!

Photo: Mario Testino,
This dress was for the magazine shoot and not her actual dress, but I love this photo.
2) Anja Rubik wore a short Pucci dress in Mallorca, Spain.


3) Natasha Poly in a long-sleeved Givenchy gown, St Tropez, France.


4) Victoria Secret's Lily Aldridge wore a simple , strapless Vera Wang for her day in Montecito, California.

Photo: Joe Buissink per

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perfect polka dots!

I was perusing other blogs and came across this wickedly cool outfit on Atlantic-Pacific :


Talk about a crazy cool head-to-toe ensemble. I love the polka dot on polka dot - totally inspiring!
(According to the blogger, the sweater is from Madewell and the blouse is from Equipment)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Signature scents

There are some people who totally know what their "signature scent" is. What does that mean, really? All I know is that the scents I like have changed over the years. The one that I'm most proud of is the L'Eau par Kenzo before it became available in North America. My first bottle was the remnants of my friend's hand me down that she brought from Europe and my second bottle was a souvenir from another friend's trip to Taiwan. I must still like Kenzo since I do have "L'Eau par Ete" and "7:15 am in Bali" - both purchased abroad. (Sorry I haven't mastered accent "aigues"on my US English keyboard.)\

Nowadays, there are more  and more new fragrances every day from the luxury houses and any celebrity who thinks their "Eau de Themselves" is worth marketing. No vat of coffee beans can help my disenchanted olfactory bulbs recover and gain interest in any new scents. I seriously have not purchased any new perfume in years. So does that mean my signature scent will have to come from my small collection? Here are the few I still use regularly:

- Hermes Kelly Caleche - such a uniuqe, cashmere like scent
- Hermes Hermessence Collection:
   - Rose Ikebana - light and airy roses
   - Vetiver Tonka - like a musky tobacco
- Chanel Mademoiselle - cant describe this one on my own
- Marc Jacobs "Original" - florally?
- Kenzo "7:15 am in Bali"- like vanilla in someplace tropical
- Creed Virgin Island Water- coconut and lime.. yum!

Hopefully we are allowed more than one signature scent because I sure cannot pick just one!

Sunday sewing project

Final product coming soon...
Today I pulled out a pink Marc Jacobs trench coat from my closet. I got it years ago and it has been collecting record-breaking hanger time. That's probably because it is knee length on a normal person so on my petite frame, I can only wear it with heels. In flats, I was the dwarf going out to rob a bank. I thought of selling it since it's in perfect condition, but I thought maybe I can tinker with my own alterations.

Being the risk taker today, I hacked off 9" off the hem to make it a mid-thigh length on me. I even copied the best I can the detailing on the original hem. It is only 3/4 of the way done because I did not have pink thread- silly me. I did the mock up with different coloured thread but so far so good. I will have to run to Fabricland another day to find the correct colour. For now I'll leave you with a "before" shot.. lets cross our fingers and hope the "after" works out! If it works out, then the Burberry trench wish can wait a few more years. ;)

I can live in my new coat

My dear husband did allow me my wishlist Moncler S Sarina coat for my birthday this year. It also counts as my Christmas gift and probably every other occasion gift for the next few years... but we just won't bring up reminders when that time comes. :)

I was only able to find it in a Sz 2 (medium) as my size was sold out worldwide, but that's ok. I like a lot of room. With the bigger size I came up with 4 different ways to do it up. I love how it feels like I'm in a cozy cocoon...  The merino wool is lovely, which means I don't "swish" as much as other puffer coat wearers. The inevitable swish is there but its quiet since there's a nylon skirt. The skirt detail is totally quirky- that's probably why I was drawn to it!

Probably was a bad day to take a photo (make up free), but its all about the coat. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

March 2012 is Marni time!

 Just on the heels of the Versace for H&M launch this month, the Swedish company has announced their next collaboration: Marni! I'd say return your H&M Versace purchases and wait for this, ladies! This is most exciting since (thanks to my dear friend Katya's influence), I love Marni. It's just hard to get, hard to find, and hard to afford.

 Consuelo Castiglioni, the designer for the Italian label, will be bringing Marni's eclectic, unique prints and hip colours to only 260 H&M stores worldwide. Yes, we Albertans are probably out of luck, but this is one collection I will need someone in Toronto to pick up for me. I better start butt kissing now. :) Worse comes to worse, they announced items will also be available online.

 Now the more reason for spring to come faster.. I'm loving the green outfit from the video promo already! March 8 2012 is when the collection will be released...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Article I'd like to share

Garance Dore's beautiful photograph of her H Kelly from her blog:

I've already told you Garance Dore's blog is one of my favorites to read. She wrote this entry a week ago and her quest somewhat reminded me of my own Hermes Kelly dream. (In case you forgot, I did write about it here). She brought home her Kelly in Rouge Garance (yes, as in her name thus it was meant to be) and she found it at an Hermes reseller boutique in Paris, 3 Marches. Here's an excerpt from her post:

"...It was my gift to myself. It’s my own private souvenir. No one can take that away from me.

It’s my first little craziness as an adult woman. A “real” woman. It’s bright, maybe a little too shiny, like a Ferrari, but it marks a moment in my life. It reminds me of the first car that my mom bought for herself after a professional success, a car that really made quite the vrooooom and went super fast and made her cheeks go all rosy (yeah, after getting very close to three accidents, she had to give the super fast car back and get the normal one, but there’s no chance of that happening with my Kelly. I’ve never had much of a need for speed.).

You know what? I actually don’t wear my Kelly much. But I always do keep it in my eyesight. And as time goes on, I just find it more and more beautiful.

I’m happy to have given myself the opportunity for a little extravagance at this time in my life. Kind of… Like a tattoo, you know what I mean?

Just as frivolous as it is essential."

For my fellow kindred souls who have made "that special" purchase for themselves sometime in their life, I highly encourage reading Garance's whole article. It's translated from French, that's what makes some of the wording awkwardly cute. I know I've made many purchases. Each quest is enriching and I find her whimsical narrative resonates with my passion to find these objects of my obsessions.

P.S. My very own Kelly will be coming early in the new year.. a specialty Kelly Flat in a beautiful salmon colour. Cant wait...  ;)

What I am reading now

On those lazy Sunday afternoons, my husband and I have a tradition that we keep. We go to Chapters, grab a hot beverage (Grande soy no water Tazo Chai for me; Grande Cappucino for him) and we read magazines. He would grab the snowboarding, biking, and car publications. I grab a stack which would include the following:

- Latest US or UK Vogue
- L'Officiel or Harpers Bazaar or Vanity Fair
- Plaza Magazine or W, depending on availability
- the weekly tabloids *preferably US Weekly and Life & Style over Star or In Touch since they identify street wear and red carpet labels much more accurately than the latter two (usually)
- A book or two from the Fashion  & Lifestyle section- It seems everybody has written a style guide but I don't think they realise how redundant most of them are.

For the most part, what I read in these publications is what keeps me inspired when it comes to fashion. When I come across something good, I get butterflies- whether its a biography of an exciting up and coming designer or a stylish travelogue. Of course, looking into the life of the privileged folks is a momentary escape but a good one none the less. I can't say I can relate to the the socialite-type 'It" people who speak of their childhood trips to Sardinia or growing up with a mother or grandmother with closets full of YSL and Chanel. Must be nice for them, but honestly I wouldn't trade my memories of clown-carring family summer vacations for anything. Sorry, got off topic there. Back to fashion mags...

Normally I allow myself only 1-2 magazine purchases per month. This week I brought home Vogue's Special Edition "Best Dressed" Issue. It's well worth the $10.99. The spreads with the sister pairings (ie Olsens, Fannings, Clarins, Gainsbourg/Dillon etc) are lovely and the articles are reference-worthy, including a recap of Coco Chanel's biography. The service guide in the back isn't so useful for Canadians but so far I'm enjoy my day-end commuter read.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Funny way to boost the economy

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to supply his economic stimulus plan. He told WWD:

"I think they should make a tax so that when you earn a certain amount of money, you have to spend a certain amount on shopping. To buy whatever … And that way, we create tons of jobs. I think it’s a good idea. What I hate is people with a lot of money who don’t spend it."

I'd diggin' the idea... :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Behind the seams: The Row

 I have such a soft spot for MKA Olsen & The Row... Here's a great Net-A-Porter TV exclusive:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New shoe line discovery

Some small boutiques will bring in some obscure Spanish or Scandinavian shoe brands and sometimes I hesitate to warm up to the products unless they are truly outstanding. Saying that, I did come across Pura Lopez shoes from Spain and I'm really liking the edginess of her footwear. Some of the boots meets my (new) minimum 5" heel criteria, the quality looks sound, and the price point is good. If you are looking for something that falls in that mid-range pricing ($200-$600 akin to Stuart Weitzman, L'Autre Chose, Modern Vintage, House of Harlow, etc)  then I suggest checking this brand out. Apparently, PL has been featured in Spanish Vogue and the designer has made custom shoes for Penelope Cruz in her movies. It's nice to keep an ear to the ground while looking good standing on it... just saying!

Grey-purple boots, exclusively at

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rachel Zoe Project - My Guilty Pleasure

RZ and baby Skylar Morrison Berman

As much as I find Rachel Zoe's self-absorption a bit annoying... I am guilty (as a person with no cable television) for watching only one show and that is her Rachel Zoe Project. Despite the catty drama, the obvious superficiality of inter-industry relations, the cosmetic fillers and botox, and the near 40 yr old talking like a Valley-girl, and those Zoe-ism. (ie I just die! Thats just ba-na-nas! and Its soo maj-as in major)... she still has my dream job and I enjoy most of her wardrobe. And for this season, she is more tolerable since becoming a mother and she has a kick ass home. I just love the scenes that take place there. Besides, what else is there to do on my long bus commute home but watch it on my iPhone? This season finale and all its sentiments had me tear up a bit:

So kudos to RZ for finding more and more success in most recent years. I'm reluctantly also liking her shoe line... oh no!

Winter wonderland wear

Moncler S Suika Coat, available at the Moncler online store

Oddly enough there still isn't any snow in Edmonton yet, but I may break down and get a real winter coat this year. For years I swore I'd wear snow jackets only on the ski hills. Yes, the years of donning 4-5 layers may come to an end as its harder and harder to get out the door in time to leave for work every morning.  If I am to get a *sniff sniff* puffer coat, I hope to make it a nice one. Of course, I've tried on many coats from many brands that I can find around here: Burberry, ADD, Mackage, MaxMara, Kenneth Cole, DKNY, etc.. but the winner I found for fit and for that certain je ne sais quoi was Moncler! I especially love the Moncler S Collection, which is created by Japanese designer Chitose Abe of Sacai. (Do you think Iron Chef Sacai is from there, too? :)

I've featured my favorite one below but you can check out the other futuristic and feminine coats at Moncler. Just a heads up though.. some of these sell at near-mortgage prices.

**This note also acts as a wishlist for dear husband since he was asking what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas... it's a long shot but doesn't hurt to wish! :)

Moncler S Sarina coat, at Moncler
(Sold out in my size world-wide except for one boutique in Italy!)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Giambattista Valli for Macy's Impulse

 French couture-ista Giambattista Valli is dropping his feminine looks on October 26 2011 for his collaboration with Macy's Impulse. If you can recall, Karl Lagerfeld has designed for Impulse and Valli is designer #4 to participate. I always loved his dresses worn by Victoria Beckham and Ashley Olsen so finding a few pieces in this lookbook that I can love is no-brainer. I'm already lusting over the sleeveless animal print jacquard dress (far right worn by Sasha Pivovarova). At prices from $50-$150, I'm sure some cherry picker will be buying hoards of these and then list them on eBay for stupid marked-up prices.

Check out the entire collection at and mark October 26 in your calendars!

FATS: Fashion's Are They Serious?

Stella McCartney clutch from Net-A-Porter
She usually makes lovely ready to wear and accessories with an eco-edge, but what was Stella McCartney thinking? What were the buyers of Net A Porter thinking?  and biggest question... what were the online shoppers thinking?!? This round plexiglass clutch is SOLD OUT! I sure hope they ordered this just for the "try it at home option"... what a gamble with $1995 of your hard earned dineros.

If I looked hard enough, I'm sure I can find something like this in our kitchen. For those that dig it and are more advanced and love the extreme minimalism for next spring, you may put yourself on the wishlist to buy at NAP. Better think hard of what you can fit in the 6"of ample space!

Opened, it can maybe fit a few credit cards

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty Ride Reveal

 After a year and a half watching every online car review and Top Gear reviews, especially that crazy episode where they place Range Rover Sport against a Challenger II tank, we finally took the plunge. I mentioned in a blurb this past spring about how we wanted this vehicle as our first choice:


 But we could not find one in that particular colour that was still under warranty- a key-must for RR's! And we also test drove their crossover, the RR Evoque, which was our second choice:

Photo courtesy of Gman

 In my opinion, the Evoque was gorgeous with some pretty wicked features: visual assist (crazy fish eye cameras that can see around corners!), electronic tailgate, panoramic sunroof (which every maker is catching onto), better integrated dash/touchscreen (meaning way less buttons than older RR's), neat gear shift knobby, and side mirrors which project a silhouette of the evoque on the ground at night. It drove like a car rather than SUV and it was certainly punchier than the Audi Q5 3.2 Turbo (our 3rd choice)... but I found myself uncomfortable because the side mirrors were so big they occluded my view and the back window was too small (in the 3 dr coupe). I don't want to go through life with endless lawsuits because I run over pedestrians on a weekly basis. Besides, Ford was the parent company to Land Rover (now its Tata) so that's why their Edge and Escapes are looking a lot like the Evoque. Most people won't know that the design for the Evoque was created years earlier and Land Rover just took their sweet time in fine-tuning their baby Range Rover that the copy cats came out before it did.

 Needless to say, we think we made the right choice when we brought this one home:

... And we are in less debt than if we went with the Evoque and massively less debt than buying a new one- it must suck when you lose half of what you paid in 3 years anyhow? She's an 08 Sport Supercharge and the former owner loaded it with everything available the time he bought it. However, we still miss out on some of the features and options that the newer models have with only 400hp rather than 510hp and of course, it's not like it's big sister, the classic Range Rover (maybe our next one in 10 yrs? :) For now we like the more streamlined look of the Sport and we love it and shouldn't have to justify it to anyone. As for the black colour, we accept that we share the same vehicle as the drug dealers and douchebags of the world. That's ok...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Denimology Timeline

  Sometime a couple years ago I inadvertently stopped paying attention to the "It" denim of the moment. It was always fun collecting the latest hyped up brands and in the end, you end up having many pairs with minor differences in fit and minor differences in washes. I am hoping there is a fellow jean addict out there that can relate to this! And the reason I still have so many is because I never really outgrew my jeans sizes and I had so many I rarely ever wore any out. :)

 Anyways, pre 2000 I can barely remember what I wore: perhaps Levi's and Mavi jeans? The addiction for me started in the summer of 2000 when I bought my first pair of Juicy Couture jeans before I moved to Toronto. That was also the time when $60 denim disappeared and turned into $109/pair.. and subsequently became $265/pair within a couple short years. Here is the chronological list to the best of my memory of the denim of the times, you may recognize some of the brands that have come- and perhaps gone:

2000: As stated, my first pair of Juicy Couture. They had piped seams down the front and super faded thighs (a no-no now!).

2001-2003: The flood of Seven-for-all-Mankind, Diesel, Replay, Miss Sixty, Citizens of Humanity, Yanuk, and Blue Cult. And in the mix was a pair of better-fitting Levi's and a pair of from its upscale line, Levi's Capital E.

2004-2005: Got pairs of Hudson's (before the rage began in 2008/9), Blue 2 (a spin off of the Blue Cult line), Rock and Republics, and I was dreadfully obsessed with this line called Meli-Melo because there were so many paparazzi shots of Jessica Alba wearing them. There was also a brand endorsed by Oprah, James Jeans, but I never got a pair.

2006-2007: Seven-for-All-Mankind & Citizens of Humanity were still around and still had a nice fit so I collected a few more. But my biggest discovery at this time was Paige Premium, which was started by a former fit model, Paige Something-or-other. At first when I tried on a pair, I could not get my thighs into them, but other Paige styles like the Laurel Canyon, Fairfax, and Santa Monica styles were much more relaxed.

2008: Oh, the emergence of J Brand, Earnest Sewn, Joe's Jeans, and Genetic Denim into my life. I did try on a few pairs of William Rast and Superfine but I never took any home. More so because I couldn't get even one toe in the Superfine legs and the William Rasts fit too big. There were also brands like Habitual and Fidelity around but I resisted. I even resisted the ubiquitous boyfriend jean, too!

2009: My year of financial limbo because purchasing a Chanel jacket and 2.55 Reissue flap meant jean purchases took a backburner. I think I only picked up only one pair of Current Elliots all year- and they were on sale. This also marked the exhaustion of trying to keep up with denim. In fact, I did a closet purge and reduced the 40+ pairs down to about 30. Most were given to friends' kids, my mother, and donated to an orphanage in Mexico.

2010 - present: I found a pair of Rich n Skinny at Winners and that was all I bought- last week I did fall into temptation and bought a pair of J Brands because they were only $69 but I returned them because they looked like any other pair I already own. Great deal or not. :)

So this concludes the chapter on the denim addiction. Thanks for listening as it has been quite therapeutic, seriously. As for shoes and handbags... that is another story!

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Deluxe, How Luxury Lost Its Luster" - My two cents

Available at

 This is an extremely belated book review of Dana Thomas' Deluxe, How Luxury Lost Its Luster. The book by the Newsweek style and culture journalist was published back in 2007. It significantly highlighted conditions before the 2008 world economic crisis and before this current threat of double dip recession. Regardless, it makes for a more interesting read. It is like watching a movie after having already watched its sequel. Thomas reveals an in-depth history of the grand luxury houses founded in Europe and how they were swallowed up and, in my personal opinion only, literally sold out in the last two decades by large multinational business conglomerates. I was appalled by how big companies like LVMH treated the family founders of some of the designer entities they took over (especially the founders of Vuitton and Celine). You may have heard of the expression "democratization of luxury" and it just means marketing luxury goods the masses. Cutting corners, moving production to Asia, and throwing goods on celebrities are just a few concerns she brought up. Thomas digs into the cause of all this: greed. When fashion fell into the hands of business owners who were more concerned about profit and less about the exclusivity, beauty, and art behind the creativity; the outcome is one of saturation. She praises (with my concurrence) the very few luxury companies are still true to their craft like Chanel and Hermes. No bias here, right?  Just a side note, thank goodness Hermes won an appeal to maintain the independence of their family company last month. Anyhow, Thomas also seemingly mocks those consumers who buy for the sake of displaying logos and conveying status (substantiated or not) and she penned a whole chapter on the counterfeit trade of knocking off luxury goods. It will make you think twice before agreeing to attend your neighborhood knock-off purse or jewelry party. I would recommend it as a read and to keep in mind the time frame of the stats. In her predictions for the future of luxury, I do agree Brazil, Russia, China, and India are definitely emerging markets and the growth of those countries has been explosive. I would like to visit the Daslu mansion she speaks of if I am ever in Brazil, but I wont have a bulletproof vehicle for the valet to park!

 One sour theme I found is perhaps her tone that luxury belongs to the rich. Me and many many other obsessed fashion lovers are members of the middle market she speaks of. This will never change because 1) I am not wealthy and 2) I will never be wealthy. However, this would never ever let anyone make me feel less entitled to the works of art that I see in a handbag, dress, or shoe. I may only buy a select few in my lifetime rather than a truckload, but they are special to me. It is funny that people approach me and tell me how they think I will like something because "we know you are so into fashion, Seng!". Just because something is a Prada or Gucci does not mean it's coming home with me! lol.. In fact, my favorite labels: Chanel, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, The Row, Marni, Celine, et al.. are all more discreet- well, aside from the crazy big interlocking CC's of Chanel which I'm not partial to. I am quite content having things that are only recognized by those that appreciate what they are. Anyhow in conclusion about the the book, the last lines Thomas wrote do redeem some of her snobbishness in a way. She quoted a Brazilian socialite who said:

"... We do not buy entry-level goods with logos...Luxury is not how much you can buy. Luxury is the knowledge of how to do it right, how to take the time to understand and choose well. Luxury is buying the right thing."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sensible Pumps

... at no lower than 5 inch heels, that is!  My new standard- bring on the stilts! I am loving these snakeskin House of Harlow 1960 Norah pumps in the practical (and more affordable) corner. For the lust-for-only corner, a double team of 105 mm YSL Palais suede pumps in maryjane nude and electric blue peep toes.

House of Harlow 1960 Norah snakeskin pumps in natural
$265 USD at

Yves Saint Laurent Palais maryjane pump
$839 USD at
Yves Saint Laurent  Palais peep toe pump
$625 USD at

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not dreaming of Genie, I'm dreaming of Kelly!

Hermes Kelly bag, named after Grace Kelly, of course!
Photo from google search, reference unknown

 In my bid to reward myself for major (to me, minor to some) accomplishments in life; I have been in negotiations with my dear hubby to allow for an expansion to the handbag collection. They always say both partners must discuss big financial decisions, right? Anyways, I am making some headway because with transferring to a new employer, I will be getting some unused vacation and pension transfer values that will allow for such an acquisition. In my mind, if it doesn't come out of our salaries, its just bonus funds, right? Sure we can put it towards the mortgage or keep it in RRSP's for tax benefits... but my soul says you only live once. Plus who is to say I will live to 65 anyways?!?

And what is it that I am currently obsessed about? The ever so classic Hermes Kelly. Yes, Phav, laugh at my taste for old lady bags! I've put myself on the Calgary Hermes' Wishlist (the boutique denies that it's a waiting list, but we know otherwise :). There's no obligation and no deposit, of course. If a red or indigo 32 cm Kelly is available in Spring 2012, they may call and it can be mine. Or the more practical side of me says $8K for a bag is nuts and I should look into vintage Kellys which are less. The design has not changed since it's creation in the 1930's so its timelessness is never doubted. These bags get passed on from generation to generation so it's a worthy investment. Or I may come to my senses and just get a Fendi Peek-a-Boo tote, which has similar features and for a fraction of the price. For now, I shall dream of Kelly...

**actually as an update to this blurb, I have agreed to keep the funds locked in for retirement and use my tax return instead.. see, I can compromise! :)

Emilio Pucci's S/S 2012 Gypsies

Photo: Monica Feudi/
Milan Fashion Week is rolling along and the only notable collection that caught my eye so far is Emilio Pucci's S/S 2012 show. I'm really digging the sexy gypsy theme. Gwyneth Paltrow wore one of the two-pieces to the Emmy's recently, but her red carpet look did not spark any ethnic flair as these ones did. I may have to YouTube JLo's 2001 "Ain't it funny" video or watch Luc Besson's "Bandidas" with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz again. As you can see from the prints and motifs, this is a far cry from the usual Pucci prints and swirls. The big shocker... no teal!                                      

Photo: Monica Feudi/

Photo: Monica Feudi/

 I would totally wear any of these three outfits with my Chuck T's.  :) Go to to see the entire collection.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hooked on Free Magazines

H&M Fall 2011

Whether they are digital like Net A Porter's online magazine or H&M's in-store seasonal issues, I've been enjoying the free reading. Have you ever spent the $5.99 on a Vogue and found some of the reading really blase or redundant? Or that the head-lining interview was only 1.5 pages long and the photos were borrowed from another publication? Somewhat a let-down, that's for sure.

 With these great resources, I can save my hard earned money for more tangible goods- and you know what I am talking about! The articles I have come across are industry standard great and super informative. They are most certainly on-trend and reliably au courant and the photos, especially in H&M Fall 2011 magazine, are captured by famous fashion photographers like Terry Richardson. And in an archived issue of NAP's magazine, they featured the Blogger's Powerlist- most definitely a good one to check out.

Net-A-Porter Online Magazine

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crimson Celine Triptyque

Celine Mini Luggage Tote & Celine Triptyque bag

Leave it to the folks at Purseblog to bring forth more temptation to my life. I have been dreaming of a red handbag.. and I've been really drawn to the "old lady bags", as my friends would say. :)  They've featured the sold out red Celine Tryptique satchel with the really popular Celine Mini Luggage tote in a gorgeous colbalt blue. That leather is just so exquisite. Check out their post to see more photos. You may find yourself going back to their blog on a regular basis it's so addictive!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Style Jam Session

Like musicians who get together with their mates to just jam and come up with some good tunes, I see a shopping expedition in the same way. By the end of this, maybe you will understand why I titled this Style Jam Session. So here's the story. My friend approached me earlier this year and asked me to help re-do her wardrobe. It is a first official style consultation and personal shopping request for me. It is a career path I've pondered, but did not think this obsession of mine can be taken seriously by anyone but myself. I would never want to be a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe- I would rather assist the everyday woman look her best using the resources around us. We can't dress everyone in Armani Prive!

Anyways, the day started with the procurement phase. We hit Holt Renfrew for the special pieces and places like Anthropology, H&M, & Gravity Pope for the rest. We came home with everything on our checklist: blazer, jeans, tops, dress, sweater wrap, boots. Either because I am a bargain hunting fiend or it was a really lucky day, we only spent 50% of the forecasted budget. Bonus and it keeps the hubby happy! :)

From Top L-R: Diane Von Furstenberg printed top, Theory blouse, Eileen Fisher cardigan wrap, Theory shift dress
2nd Row: Pilcro Jeans from Anthropologie, tops from H &M, leggings
Bottom: Boots from Gravity Pope; Blazer, T-shirt, & Striped Tunic from H &M

 Now the jam session. With only the above, we came up with 20 possible outfit combinations for her days at the office, conferences, sexy date nights, dinner outings, casual days with the baby, and even a wedding outfit. I wont post the modelled outfits just because there are so many favorites. I'd have to say that we had so much fun with the shopping and end of day mash up of outfits that I really should do this for a living.. I'll take on more jam sessions for sure!

 But before I go, we did stumble upon the Penny Sale at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Buy one sale item get the second for a penny. I brought home for myself a nice Isabel Marant Etoile dress and a Paul Smith Black label jumper (it was so ugly, I loved it!). What would have totalled $900 regular price, I got for less than a speeding ticket. :)

New additions to the closet: Etoile Isabel Marant Petra tunic in ivory &
Paul Smith Black Label printed jumper. 

TOMS & The Row..

Straight from the archives, I remember I wrote this Facebook note back in October 2007:

Wouldn't it be great that every time we buy clothes for ourselves, a child in South America or Africa will get the exact same thing? Well, Blake Mycoskie (who, by the way was a contestant on the second season of the Amazing Race) is the creator and designer for TOMS shoes and he's allowing us to do just that!

" Inspired by a traditional Argentine shoe and challenged by the continent's poverty and health issues, I created TOMS with a singular mission: To make life more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through its unique shoe and my commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a

child in need.." - Blake Mycoskie
Please check out the TOMS: Shoes for Tomorrow project at . I've already scoped out one for myself.. they are only $38 :)

Well, it is now 2011 and TOMS are everywhere from Athens to your nearest Aritzia. They also have collaboration from one of my favorite lines, the ROW. Check out this video on the latest shoe drop in Honduras:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Albert Elbaz is too cute for words

Lanvin's Fall 2011 ad campaign included the release of this music video with Raquel Zimmerman and Karen Elson (dressed in Lanvin F/W, of course) dancing to a familiar Pitbull song. The moves remind me of a mesh of Napolean Dynamite and the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Awkward and cutely self-deprecating. When the designer joins in at the end, it totally hypes up the cool factor. Now I'll go dance like no one's watching... I just need some Lanvin dresses first!

Sofia's Alaia Wedding Dress

I personally found this dress breath-taking. It is custom made lavender chiffon Azzedine Alaia. From other photos, it is short and flouncy above the knees. It's just so different from any wedding dress and so low key Sofia Coppola. I don't know how this woman pulls off being so elegant and classy without trying in the least bit. On Saturday, Aug 27 2011, she married Thomas Mars of the band Phoenix in a small, private wedding held in her grandparent's home town Bernalda, Southern Italy.

Photo:EPA/Landov via

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy Stupid Stylish

 The girls and I had a chick flick outing last night and we definitely got our $12.95's worth of impeccable eye candy from watching Crazy Stupid Love. Not just that Ryan Gosling was visually impressive, so was his ultra modern house. What we came away talking about most was the seriously sharp wardrobe of the male cast. Steve Carrell's character gets a man make-over by the already 'rico suave Ryan's character, Jacob. Costume designer for the movie, Dayna Pink, was bang on with dressing them modern chic without over metrosexualizing the get ups. And to undorkify Steve Carrell is a major feat. In an interview with GQ , she explained that she sought pieces from Gossuin, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and custom made Ermenegildo Zegna just to name a few. Its all about fit not matter what your budget, she said. And fit does make a remarkable difference indeed. If you watch the movie, you will see for yourself. Now I if only she can dress the men in our lives... :)

 Emma Stone was super cute too!