Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I am reading now

On those lazy Sunday afternoons, my husband and I have a tradition that we keep. We go to Chapters, grab a hot beverage (Grande soy no water Tazo Chai for me; Grande Cappucino for him) and we read magazines. He would grab the snowboarding, biking, and car publications. I grab a stack which would include the following:

- Latest US or UK Vogue
- L'Officiel or Harpers Bazaar or Vanity Fair
- Plaza Magazine or W, depending on availability
- the weekly tabloids *preferably US Weekly and Life & Style over Star or In Touch since they identify street wear and red carpet labels much more accurately than the latter two (usually)
- A book or two from the Fashion  & Lifestyle section- It seems everybody has written a style guide but I don't think they realise how redundant most of them are.

For the most part, what I read in these publications is what keeps me inspired when it comes to fashion. When I come across something good, I get butterflies- whether its a biography of an exciting up and coming designer or a stylish travelogue. Of course, looking into the life of the privileged folks is a momentary escape but a good one none the less. I can't say I can relate to the the socialite-type 'It" people who speak of their childhood trips to Sardinia or growing up with a mother or grandmother with closets full of YSL and Chanel. Must be nice for them, but honestly I wouldn't trade my memories of clown-carring family summer vacations for anything. Sorry, got off topic there. Back to fashion mags...

Normally I allow myself only 1-2 magazine purchases per month. This week I brought home Vogue's Special Edition "Best Dressed" Issue. It's well worth the $10.99. The spreads with the sister pairings (ie Olsens, Fannings, Clarins, Gainsbourg/Dillon etc) are lovely and the articles are reference-worthy, including a recap of Coco Chanel's biography. The service guide in the back isn't so useful for Canadians but so far I'm enjoy my day-end commuter read.


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