Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love these sandals with bling!

These crystal-embellished Pedro Garcia sandals would totally be mine.. if only they did not cost $690! Exclusively at Net-a-Porter if you are so lucky.. consider me jealous! I have to wait for them to go on sale.. are you listening NAP-gods?

Shopping the closet for sunnies

One of the biggest dilemas with packing for vacation is which pair of sunglasses to bring with. Mind you, it is a trivial matter as there are other major issues out there in the world so don't take this too seriously! Just bear with me as I ponder as I'm being practical and not going to buy new ones. Rather, I have challenged myself to pick out something I already have... so in my sunglass/belt drawer are in the order of newest to oldest:

Coach Odessa (I haven't worn them yet, so here's a stock photo) - *Thanks for the gift, Kim!*

Chanel tweed/black frames as purchased for our Caribbean cruise last year

Gucci horsebit frames that made the trip to LA:

Teal Emilio Pucci's that went everywhere in '08

YSL oldies (gosh, that San Franciso trip was so long ago!)

Kate Spade Rachels (oooh, now these are ancient! They came along to Manzanillo, Mexico)

 Oh, there are also a pair of Moschino clear frames and my first pair of Gucci's that have a deadly scratch from my fiddling with screw-tightening.. clearly well before the era of digital cameras so no mugshots! lol.. I realise shopping the pattern is only a new pair every couple years and untrendy picks- more so because it's such a nightmare to find frames that fit!... So not too obsessive at all! Now I just need to decide on one...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mystery solved

Remember when I asked about who was styling Mila Kunis for her red carpet events? Well, I found my answer recently from reading the Hollywood Reporter's list of the 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Holllywood. Her stylist is Petra Flannery and she was only #3 on the list. Not surprisingly, Rachel Zoe is #1. The article is a good read.. and it's reassuring that we normal peeps can dress ourselves on most days. :)


We need to see this!

It's been over 10 years since my last time to Paris, so for the sake of reviving my passion I'm dragging my hubby to see Woody Allen's new flick, Midnight in Paris. Even though I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan (or Owen Wilson), the rest of the cast looks great.. and the visuals of city! Ahh... oui!

Check out the trailer: