Monday, October 24, 2011

FATS: Fashion's Are They Serious?

Stella McCartney clutch from Net-A-Porter
She usually makes lovely ready to wear and accessories with an eco-edge, but what was Stella McCartney thinking? What were the buyers of Net A Porter thinking?  and biggest question... what were the online shoppers thinking?!? This round plexiglass clutch is SOLD OUT! I sure hope they ordered this just for the "try it at home option"... what a gamble with $1995 of your hard earned dineros.

If I looked hard enough, I'm sure I can find something like this in our kitchen. For those that dig it and are more advanced and love the extreme minimalism for next spring, you may put yourself on the wishlist to buy at NAP. Better think hard of what you can fit in the 6"of ample space!

Opened, it can maybe fit a few credit cards

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