Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter wonderland wear

Moncler S Suika Coat, available at the Moncler online store

Oddly enough there still isn't any snow in Edmonton yet, but I may break down and get a real winter coat this year. For years I swore I'd wear snow jackets only on the ski hills. Yes, the years of donning 4-5 layers may come to an end as its harder and harder to get out the door in time to leave for work every morning.  If I am to get a *sniff sniff* puffer coat, I hope to make it a nice one. Of course, I've tried on many coats from many brands that I can find around here: Burberry, ADD, Mackage, MaxMara, Kenneth Cole, DKNY, etc.. but the winner I found for fit and for that certain je ne sais quoi was Moncler! I especially love the Moncler S Collection, which is created by Japanese designer Chitose Abe of Sacai. (Do you think Iron Chef Sacai is from there, too? :)

I've featured my favorite one below but you can check out the other futuristic and feminine coats at Moncler. Just a heads up though.. some of these sell at near-mortgage prices.

**This note also acts as a wishlist for dear husband since he was asking what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas... it's a long shot but doesn't hurt to wish! :)

Moncler S Sarina coat, at Moncler
(Sold out in my size world-wide except for one boutique in Italy!)


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