Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not dreaming of Genie, I'm dreaming of Kelly!

Hermes Kelly bag, named after Grace Kelly, of course!
Photo from google search, reference unknown

 In my bid to reward myself for major (to me, minor to some) accomplishments in life; I have been in negotiations with my dear hubby to allow for an expansion to the handbag collection. They always say both partners must discuss big financial decisions, right? Anyways, I am making some headway because with transferring to a new employer, I will be getting some unused vacation and pension transfer values that will allow for such an acquisition. In my mind, if it doesn't come out of our salaries, its just bonus funds, right? Sure we can put it towards the mortgage or keep it in RRSP's for tax benefits... but my soul says you only live once. Plus who is to say I will live to 65 anyways?!?

And what is it that I am currently obsessed about? The ever so classic Hermes Kelly. Yes, Phav, laugh at my taste for old lady bags! I've put myself on the Calgary Hermes' Wishlist (the boutique denies that it's a waiting list, but we know otherwise :). There's no obligation and no deposit, of course. If a red or indigo 32 cm Kelly is available in Spring 2012, they may call and it can be mine. Or the more practical side of me says $8K for a bag is nuts and I should look into vintage Kellys which are less. The design has not changed since it's creation in the 1930's so its timelessness is never doubted. These bags get passed on from generation to generation so it's a worthy investment. Or I may come to my senses and just get a Fendi Peek-a-Boo tote, which has similar features and for a fraction of the price. For now, I shall dream of Kelly...

**actually as an update to this blurb, I have agreed to keep the funds locked in for retirement and use my tax return instead.. see, I can compromise! :)

Emilio Pucci's S/S 2012 Gypsies

Photo: Monica Feudi/
Milan Fashion Week is rolling along and the only notable collection that caught my eye so far is Emilio Pucci's S/S 2012 show. I'm really digging the sexy gypsy theme. Gwyneth Paltrow wore one of the two-pieces to the Emmy's recently, but her red carpet look did not spark any ethnic flair as these ones did. I may have to YouTube JLo's 2001 "Ain't it funny" video or watch Luc Besson's "Bandidas" with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz again. As you can see from the prints and motifs, this is a far cry from the usual Pucci prints and swirls. The big shocker... no teal!                                      

Photo: Monica Feudi/

Photo: Monica Feudi/

 I would totally wear any of these three outfits with my Chuck T's.  :) Go to to see the entire collection.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hooked on Free Magazines

H&M Fall 2011

Whether they are digital like Net A Porter's online magazine or H&M's in-store seasonal issues, I've been enjoying the free reading. Have you ever spent the $5.99 on a Vogue and found some of the reading really blase or redundant? Or that the head-lining interview was only 1.5 pages long and the photos were borrowed from another publication? Somewhat a let-down, that's for sure.

 With these great resources, I can save my hard earned money for more tangible goods- and you know what I am talking about! The articles I have come across are industry standard great and super informative. They are most certainly on-trend and reliably au courant and the photos, especially in H&M Fall 2011 magazine, are captured by famous fashion photographers like Terry Richardson. And in an archived issue of NAP's magazine, they featured the Blogger's Powerlist- most definitely a good one to check out.

Net-A-Porter Online Magazine

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crimson Celine Triptyque

Celine Mini Luggage Tote & Celine Triptyque bag

Leave it to the folks at Purseblog to bring forth more temptation to my life. I have been dreaming of a red handbag.. and I've been really drawn to the "old lady bags", as my friends would say. :)  They've featured the sold out red Celine Tryptique satchel with the really popular Celine Mini Luggage tote in a gorgeous colbalt blue. That leather is just so exquisite. Check out their post to see more photos. You may find yourself going back to their blog on a regular basis it's so addictive!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Style Jam Session

Like musicians who get together with their mates to just jam and come up with some good tunes, I see a shopping expedition in the same way. By the end of this, maybe you will understand why I titled this Style Jam Session. So here's the story. My friend approached me earlier this year and asked me to help re-do her wardrobe. It is a first official style consultation and personal shopping request for me. It is a career path I've pondered, but did not think this obsession of mine can be taken seriously by anyone but myself. I would never want to be a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe- I would rather assist the everyday woman look her best using the resources around us. We can't dress everyone in Armani Prive!

Anyways, the day started with the procurement phase. We hit Holt Renfrew for the special pieces and places like Anthropology, H&M, & Gravity Pope for the rest. We came home with everything on our checklist: blazer, jeans, tops, dress, sweater wrap, boots. Either because I am a bargain hunting fiend or it was a really lucky day, we only spent 50% of the forecasted budget. Bonus and it keeps the hubby happy! :)

From Top L-R: Diane Von Furstenberg printed top, Theory blouse, Eileen Fisher cardigan wrap, Theory shift dress
2nd Row: Pilcro Jeans from Anthropologie, tops from H &M, leggings
Bottom: Boots from Gravity Pope; Blazer, T-shirt, & Striped Tunic from H &M

 Now the jam session. With only the above, we came up with 20 possible outfit combinations for her days at the office, conferences, sexy date nights, dinner outings, casual days with the baby, and even a wedding outfit. I wont post the modelled outfits just because there are so many favorites. I'd have to say that we had so much fun with the shopping and end of day mash up of outfits that I really should do this for a living.. I'll take on more jam sessions for sure!

 But before I go, we did stumble upon the Penny Sale at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Buy one sale item get the second for a penny. I brought home for myself a nice Isabel Marant Etoile dress and a Paul Smith Black label jumper (it was so ugly, I loved it!). What would have totalled $900 regular price, I got for less than a speeding ticket. :)

New additions to the closet: Etoile Isabel Marant Petra tunic in ivory &
Paul Smith Black Label printed jumper. 

TOMS & The Row..

Straight from the archives, I remember I wrote this Facebook note back in October 2007:

Wouldn't it be great that every time we buy clothes for ourselves, a child in South America or Africa will get the exact same thing? Well, Blake Mycoskie (who, by the way was a contestant on the second season of the Amazing Race) is the creator and designer for TOMS shoes and he's allowing us to do just that!

" Inspired by a traditional Argentine shoe and challenged by the continent's poverty and health issues, I created TOMS with a singular mission: To make life more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through its unique shoe and my commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a

child in need.." - Blake Mycoskie
Please check out the TOMS: Shoes for Tomorrow project at . I've already scoped out one for myself.. they are only $38 :)

Well, it is now 2011 and TOMS are everywhere from Athens to your nearest Aritzia. They also have collaboration from one of my favorite lines, the ROW. Check out this video on the latest shoe drop in Honduras: