Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WJG cover alert

Look who is on the cover of Wall Street Journal Magazine?!? My girl crush, Marion Cotillard looks dark and alluring in WSJ's July/August destination issue. For more pictures sand a snippet of the feature article by Megan Conway, check out the Wall Street Journal's online site . I love that lace Gucci dress! Unfortunately it's a bargain at $16,000. The whole look reminds me of an Alexander McQueen dress that Ashley Olsen wore to an Art of Elsyium gala a few years back. Lace dress & dark, dark lips! Some people can rock it to perfection. Maybe I am a bit biased, but whatever!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fantasy family reunion

Emerald Lake Lodge
Photo & to book:

This getaway piece is inspired by a combo of a few things:

1) The fact that I'm looking forward to a road trip with my parents to a family get-together next weekend- we'll see how the 5 hr drive goes with those two!

2) Some breathtaking wedding photos of some friends who got married at Emerald Lake last year. :)

3) Our thwarted wedding post-Europe reception plans that we originally planned last year for 3 locations: sailboating in Toronto, mountain biking in Whistler, and "outdoorsing" it in Lake Louise.


4) It's finally summer!

The Emerald Lake Lodge fire pit - I'm relaxed already!
Yes, the after-wedding plans had to be canned because I failed to realise how hard (and expensive!!) it was to plan one wedding event- let alone four events! But still, I think it would be pretty darn cool to get your closest friends and family out for an outdoor adventure weekend in beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta or Emerald Lake, BC. They are only 25 miles apart. Fishing, canoeing, white water rafting, biking, hiking, and marshmallow roasts as a group would be a riot. Being the non-camper I am and since this is an imaginary trip, I'd vouch to stay at the Emerald Lake Lodge or Chateau Lake Louise.

Attire-wise, the delicate duds have to be left at home so I'd bring my go-to active wear- anything by Stella McCartney for Adidas and my beloved North Face hoodie. By the way, the SM for Adidas leggings have seams that create this amazing slimming effect on the legs, especially the problematic inner thighs.. I definitely recommend trying a pair!

Stella McCartney for Adidas ad campaign from 2008
I have the shorts and a similar running jacket from that season- love them!
As a change up from the everyone-has-them Converse sneaks, I would think these Superga for The Row would be cool to kick around in for those non hiking activities.

Superga for The Row sneakers in Sand
Available for $190 at

And last but not least... I'll leave the backpack carrying water and other gear for the husband to carry and I'd take a utilitarian messenger bag for my essentials- Labello lip balm, camera, sunglasses, and sunblock. My choice for the weekend is the Givenchy Pandora bag. Now we are set... of course, there's no mention of those pesky hive-inducing mosquitoes on this trip- it is sadly, just a fantasy.

Givenchy Pandora messenger bag in Cigare
(Normally it hangs slouchy and not so boxy)
Avail for $1855 at

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baby Toms

You would be correct to think this drives my ol' biological clock a bit mad... I found these Tiny Toms for our niece, Jeana, for her "real" 2nd birthday - out of many birthdays. (ie: any time she attends a birthday party, she adorably think its hers, too!) It was a hard choice between blue chambray or glittered pink at kidswear store Alligator Pie. Darn that place has the cutest things. I catch myself trying on the youth Burberry stuff. The sales staff tell me I'm not the only one, thank goodness! :)

Love this photo!

Temptation doesn't come any worse than this!

I dont need to say more, do I?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Solstice & Swimsuits

Stiletto maillot from Eres' Vertigo Collection, 380 Euros
Available at 
We have been undulated with "get-that-Bikini-body" work out tips and diets an on annual basis starting from Goundhog Day, but even with five months of prep time... let's just say it's not always happening. With every year the lumps and bumps are more persistent- so enjoy your 20's while they last, ladies! For me, entering my 30's saw beginnings of the inverse activities of my old friend metabolism. Oh well... c'est la vie!

But most of us that have been to the resort beaches know that in the end- it really doesn't matter when you are surrounded by all walks of life.. including geriatric men in Speedos! Everyone has figure insecurities and no one really has a perfect body- even those that seemingly do will have gripes about their imperfections. So the point I am trying to make is to simply invest your energy in being the best you can be- just find a really cute swimsuit! Summer solstice is just a few days away, whether we are beach-body ready or not.

I have scouted swimsuits before on my Facebook SOAF notes years ago. This time I was curious about the allure of Eres, the French swimsuit and lingerie brand. They definitely are simple and lux-looking. Some of them are described to be made from parachute fabric...ooh...ahh.. and the style and colour names are just chic. Of course, they are pricey-par example, the really cute one in the photo above. That's roughly $500 CAD. Ca coutte trop cher! Looking another line I like such as the Vitamin A Smoke Maillot below- it is super hot and I love the wrap around the monokini. It breaks up the exposed oblique look of a regular monokini. Available for $199 USD. And just as much still for the cute Seafolly Goddess Kiara bustier bikini. Roughly $99 each for separate top and bottom.

Vitamin A Smoke Maillot, $199

Seafolly Goddess Kiara Bustier bikini, about $99

Seriously though, for something that you are going to smear seaweed and muddy sand on, I would rather allocate my frivolous spending on other things... Unless of course, it made my cellulite disappear! :) There are tonnes of wicked swimsuits around, but in the end..Victoria's Secret clearance sale it is!