Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rachel Zoe Project - My Guilty Pleasure

RZ and baby Skylar Morrison Berman

As much as I find Rachel Zoe's self-absorption a bit annoying... I am guilty (as a person with no cable television) for watching only one show and that is her Rachel Zoe Project. Despite the catty drama, the obvious superficiality of inter-industry relations, the cosmetic fillers and botox, and the near 40 yr old talking like a Valley-girl, and those Zoe-ism. (ie I just die! Thats just ba-na-nas! and Its soo maj-as in major)... she still has my dream job and I enjoy most of her wardrobe. And for this season, she is more tolerable since becoming a mother and she has a kick ass home. I just love the scenes that take place there. Besides, what else is there to do on my long bus commute home but watch it on my iPhone? This season finale and all its sentiments had me tear up a bit:

So kudos to RZ for finding more and more success in most recent years. I'm reluctantly also liking her shoe line... oh no!

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