Sunday, December 4, 2011

Signature scents

There are some people who totally know what their "signature scent" is. What does that mean, really? All I know is that the scents I like have changed over the years. The one that I'm most proud of is the L'Eau par Kenzo before it became available in North America. My first bottle was the remnants of my friend's hand me down that she brought from Europe and my second bottle was a souvenir from another friend's trip to Taiwan. I must still like Kenzo since I do have "L'Eau par Ete" and "7:15 am in Bali" - both purchased abroad. (Sorry I haven't mastered accent "aigues"on my US English keyboard.)\

Nowadays, there are more  and more new fragrances every day from the luxury houses and any celebrity who thinks their "Eau de Themselves" is worth marketing. No vat of coffee beans can help my disenchanted olfactory bulbs recover and gain interest in any new scents. I seriously have not purchased any new perfume in years. So does that mean my signature scent will have to come from my small collection? Here are the few I still use regularly:

- Hermes Kelly Caleche - such a uniuqe, cashmere like scent
- Hermes Hermessence Collection:
   - Rose Ikebana - light and airy roses
   - Vetiver Tonka - like a musky tobacco
- Chanel Mademoiselle - cant describe this one on my own
- Marc Jacobs "Original" - florally?
- Kenzo "7:15 am in Bali"- like vanilla in someplace tropical
- Creed Virgin Island Water- coconut and lime.. yum!

Hopefully we are allowed more than one signature scent because I sure cannot pick just one!

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  1. I'm all for more than 1 signature scent. What makes it signature is the way your skin reacts to it and that in itself gives off your own unique signature scent. :) I've always loved Provocative Woman scented for spray on perfume it is hands down Poeme by Lancome. I've also come to love Victoria's Secret Sheer Love which is a mix of white cotton & pink lily.