Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paris in 2 weeks!

It was Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris and there was some really interesting street style on display by the (lucky!) attendees. I would like to think this would give me ideas on what to pack for our trip to the City of Lights for Valentine's week... but woe is me, not much in the my closet fits right now and nor will anything I'll be trying on. Why bother, right? My window shopping list of things to check out is limited to only accessories (hinted to the hubby about the necessity of a Goyard tote ;), shoes, and flagship perusing. Do you think the Hermès rooftop garden is open in the middle of winter? The only sure bet is going to be a stop at Petite Bateau for our little guy- they have super cute baby cardigans! Anyhow, I digress... here are some of the great snaps of the très cool looks I like:

I'm sure this has happened to everyone - the day you and your friend accidentally wear a similar thing.
Photo: Tommy Ton via

Gosh, that is one amazing coat or dress or both!
Photo: Tommy Ton via

Double scarf!
Photo: Tommy Ton via

You can check out the complete gallery at

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes standout

Are you also someone who doesn't watch the awards show, but will scout the red carpet outfits? I hope I'm not the only one... After reviewing the red carpet appearances for the 2013 Golden Globes awards last night, I just wanted to pick out my favourite look of the night. In a sea of various levels of pretty to beautiful, extravagant and flowy gown, Lucy Lui's Marie Antoinette's drapery-inspired Carolina Herrera gown was so unique I loved it. I can't fully explain it. It's like a modern day Cinderella going against the conventional norm for award show fashion. I certainly cannot pull off anything like that, but kudos to Lucy and her stylist for taking a risk. On a side note... she never ages, does she?

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage courtesy of

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Menswear street-style inspiration

Photo: Tommy Ton for

Leave it to the men of Italy to demonstrate impeccable masculine style without bringing the term metrosexual to your tongue. They look put together effortlessly and without any reference to or reliance on any tips or trends from the typical GQ magazine. Seriously, who would have thought a green babushka-like scarf and red pocket square (see below) would look so good together? It's interesting how the urban dictionary elaborates on its definition of the word "metrosexual":

 An American Metrosexual is like your average European male. In France or Italy, men can be manly and work on cars and know about art and fashion at the same time. They are cool with that and don't need some special name for the less "masculine" side.

Here are some sartorial snapshots from's street style section. The location of the photo story is noted to be Florence, Italy and all photos are, of course, captured by photographer Tommy Ton.

Photo: Tommy Ton for

Photo: Tommy Ton for

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sahara Bugaboo & Kate Spade Stevie Bag

My sister and brother and law brought back a Kate Spade Stevie baby bag from Vegas as an early gift for little Bambino, and it appears the neutral colours of the bag and pop of colour will coordinate well with the Sahara Special Edition Cameleon stroller we picked for him- we love it. He may be riding in style come springtime, I think! Hopefully it'll all still be presentable when covered in burp-up, spilled milk, Starbucks latte stains, mud, and cookie crumbs.

Mind you, the fine print says "Do not hang luggage or bags on handles- will cause instability"... But it appears no one really listens. I see baby bags, shopping bags, coats etc hanging off strollers all the time.   In our case, I think when not using the bassinet, the bag's weight will distribute more centrally. I hope! 

Never mind the other random things in our basement :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back in time with Scottish grace

Paris-Edinburgh's embellished wearable artwork

I love that clutch! Probably wont see it in
Canadian stores until late next year.
Scottish bag pipes and plaid gets a Chanel tweed pixie dusting in last month's Chanel Métiers d'Arts Paris-Edinburgh show. In past years, Mr Lagerfeld has touched down in London, Moscow, Shanghai, and Bombay for his transcontinental interpretations of the host city's fashion and cultural backbone. I have tried on pieces from the Paris-Moscow and Paris-Bombay collections, but it would only be a dream to have these special jackets and dresses come home with me.

Held at Linlithgow Palace near Edinburgh, this year's presentation showed creations reminiscent of Mary Queen of Scot's - very regal,  Shakespearean, and still very Chanel. Here are some of my favorite looks.

 With this ensemble, anyone can pull off that collar.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rag & Bone Boots on a milk run

Rage & Bone Midi Moto Boots in Ebony
I am anxiously awaiting a pair Rag and Bone midi moto boots I ordered from Yoox last week. They must be from last season because they are sold out on Shopbop, but that doesn't bother me. They are nifty looking and have the right heel height for running around all day. I gave up on Isabel Marant Jenny boots simply because I can't justify the price for really worn-looking boho booties.

They are a belated birthday/Christmas gift from 5 of my loved ones. Thank you! Bummer though, the UPS tracking tells me they got mis-sorted to a wrong location- in Fort Erie, Ontario and haven't moved in two days. Milk run indeed! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nursery decor for the rainbow-phobic

I hope everyone had a warm and wonderful festive season with their friends and family! May your 2013 be bursting with good times and adventures. On our end, dear hubby and I decided to start off our new year by looking at wallet-gouging baby stuff. As first time parents-to-be, we do not have much to start with. A couple days ago, I started with a list for the big items (stroller, crib, change/table, car seat, etc)... and by two days later, January 1st- everything is either purchased or ordered and we are broke! If there is one certainty in life, a shopping nut will procure and acquire in record time!

Anyhow, from my observation of the selection of nursery furniture and bedding, I found that there was very little variance between Sears and Babies R Us. West Coast Kids and other independent shops had nice stuff but nothing truly unique to warrant the higher MRSP's. I also looked at Pottery Barn Kids but its not encouraging when half the items are out of stock. Crib bedding was costly and it was either really princess-y or boy boy-y. The packaged "neutral" stuff made me yawn.  Maybe it's wrong of me have an aversion to cartoons, jungle animals, or a kaleidoscope of colour for the kid's room...

French Directoire-inspired crib from the Jourdan Collection- in vintage buttercream.

But eureka, I happened to discover that Restoration Hardware had a Baby & Child's website and saw that yes, there is a market for simple, classic, & elegant nursery decor! They had a collection inspired by the French Directoire-style which was stunning, though a wee bit outside our entire budget. We decided on an antique white spindle crib and wainscotted change table for furniture, which would work just fine. Totally stoked, I also found my palette of neutrals in percale and organic cottons for bedding. There is am RH sale promotion on until January 10th, which only cancels out the 20% duties/shipping charge they add. Stock is shipped from the US. Bah humbug, for the grey pin-tucked bumper that you can't find elsewhere, it's worth it.  I would encourage other parent-to-be's to have a look. Enjoy & again, have a Happy New Year!

Note: All photos are from

Our choice for basic crib and change table - lets hope the quality of their furnitures is decent.

I loved the pin tucks.