Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Post pregnancy milestone

Blazer, Aritzia; Tshirt, Van's;
Jeans, Rich n Skinny 'Sleek' in sz 24
Shoes, The Bay
I somehow managed to get into one of my smallest pre-pregnancy jeans today! They are quite a bit snug, but surprisingly comfortable. Still a ways to go, but this give me hope. (I would think you ladies who have gone through childbearing will understand its significance :)

 One thing though.. just don't ask me to do squats! Lol

Also, my brother brought me the red tank top from his weekend at Vans Surfing US Open at Huntington Beach, in Cali. It goes nicely with my experiment with red patent. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eclectic prints for summer

I treaded away from my boring neutrals and monochromatic palette by adding these two Jean Paul Gaultier t-shirts in my wardrobe. It's amazing how a Simon's clearance sale can motivate you to step outside the box! My only little worry is that the left one looks a little too Ed Hardy-ish... but no worries, as long as I don't pair the top with white sunglasses (would never own any anyhow) or True Religion booty shorts, I'll be ok.

Ebay buying tips from one of the best

I have a couple things in common with Wendy Nguyen from Wendys Look Book include the following:

1) We are both on the petite side.. as Nicole Richie says "5'1 is the new black"
2) Our love of some of the same labels- she completes her outfits with Chanel & Balenciaga handbags
3) A lot of our designer wear are from retail sales/bargains, consignment, online flash sales, and occasionally, Ebay!

Unfortunately, I really wish I had her great legs!

That aside, she created a three part video series on how to shop on Ebay for: Louboutin shoes, Balenciaga handbags, and clothing. I wanted to share just because she has the same approach as I do. I consider myself a confident online shopper and her tips would be just what I'd tell people. She is just more patient, thorough, and funnier. And.. she's probably less biased and opinionated than I would be! Enjoy!

And, I am also adding a bonus link to her really cute 100th youtube video recapping a  journey of memorable outfits:

All videos are from wendyslookbook youtube feed. :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Love Ball Riviera, some snaps!

Some photos from last night's Love Ball Riviera 2013 Fundraiser have trickled in thru Instagram. I'm just sharing some favourites!

Search #loveballriviera to see more of the glamorous event!

Photo: Instagram user nakedheartfoundation
Photo: Instagram user natasupernova

Photo: Instagram user buro247ru

Photo: Instagram user nakedheartfoundation

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Glamorous event alert...

The Love Ball Riviera 2013 is the fourth fundraiser for the Naked Heart Foundation. The past three balls were held in Moscow, London, and Paris. For the last 7 years, the NHF has been building playgrounds for Russian children in municipalities where the local authorities have not provided safe places to play. And another initiative of the NHF is to help decrease child abandonment, especially in situations where children are separated from their families due to disabilities or poverty. This is through their Every Child Deserves a Family Program.

When I was living out in Megion, Russia, my apartment was near one of the Naked Heart play parks, which was build in 2007. The colourful park does stand out against the dreary Siberian neighbourhood.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like the event will be lots of fun and most certainly a great success in meeting NHF's goals. I am looking forward to hearing the details from a very sweet insider who will be attending. Ahh to live vicarously through friends! ;)

Somehow I have a feeling that Grace Kelly would also be attending in spirit! And according to the NHF site, we non glamorous people can make donations to the cause...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Appreciating "Eau de Vintage"

I have to admit that I haven't scoured second hand stores for clothing in a long time. I love consignment websites, but have not visited many actual stores. It was always the musty smell, even in the nicer stores, that got to me. The last time I was in a Salvation Army with my husband, his jacket was stolen but had turned out mysteriously in the change room, probably because he does not keep his wallet there.

However, there was a time during my undergrad days when I was totally grunge and loved second hand goods. I loved lumber jackets, beat up jerseys, and I always had my ugly brown zip up hoodie- as seen below in an ancient photo. It was heinous but it was like my "Linus" blanket. I wore it camping, backpacking to Europe, out clubbing, etc. Gosh, that was so so long ago...  :)

My Linus sweater
I was experimenting with braids that year-
no explanation for why I was making that face though- Sorry!

Recently I met a cool gal who is way more fashion nutty than I am. We had a lunch and window shop date a couple weeks ago and she took me to a place called Swish. It's a pretty cool place with extraordinary vintage women's clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. When the movie "Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy" was out, we were there looking for eyeglasses like the ones Gary Oldman wore in his role. Dear hubby was fascinated with getting a pair for himself, so I wasn't looking for myself. Anyhow, my friend had some amazing finds including almost-never worn Altuzarra heels. Lucky for my friend, there is a frequent consigner who travels around the world and brings back luxurious goods she barely wears... and this lady has the same shoe size as her! I only wish I had a shoe fairy too then I'd be check in all the time!

That day at Swish, again I wasn't really looking for myself. My thoughts were on ideas for accessories for my friend who will be attending Natalia Vodianova's annual "Love Ball". This year its held in Monaco at the end of this month, July 27- I'm sure the photos will show up in Vogue. The theme for the ball is the 1960's and before departing for her vacation, my friend told me she decided on a vintage Dior dress but had not settled on accessories yet. So I snapped some photos which I had intended to send to her for ideas. Even though I didn't find anything for my friend, there was tonnes of cool pieces. I especially love the pink beaded dress.. hmmm...

Oodles of accessories.. some go back to 1920's
Maybe one day I'll find a Van Cleef and Arpels necklace?

Latest addition & "Mom" bag

I did mention last month something about a very nice Mother's Day Gift... Well, here's the reveal of my pre-loved Chanel Cerf tote- in black deerskin with gold hardware. I had a dilemma which my closest girlfriends (who know how nutty I am) had to endure. And that was deciding between the following bag choices, in order of least expensive to most:

- Botkier Adele Satchel
- Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag
- Kate Spade Mercer Island Sloan Tote
- Lederer convertible bag (basically a twin to the Hermes Kelly)
- Alexander Wang Emile Tote
- Alexander Wang Prisma Tote
- Gucci Vintage Web Boston All-Leather Tote (not the canvas monogram variety)
- Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton Sevigne GM satchel
- Pre-Owned Hermes Herbag
- Pre-Owned Chanel Cerf Tote
- Tod's D-Styling tote
- Miu Miu Patented Accordion Tote
- Pre-Owned Hermes Massai Bag
- Brand New Chanel Cerf Tote
- Pre-Owned LV Mahina Stella PM
- Pre-Owned LV Sofia Coppola  SC Bag

As you can probably tell, with such an eclectic not so short "short list"... I had no clue want I wanted. Then with the help of my dear friends, I had an epiphany and realised that:

1) Buying a contemporary bag will not fulfill me
2) Did I seriously look at LV's?
3) It was pointed out to me that some of my choices were gloomy and depressing- a bit of post partum hormones influencing, maybe?
and 4) I do prefer things that are timeless and classic- things that I will still love in 10 years time.

So that is how the Chanel Cerf Tote won.. and at this time while I am on mat leave the price of a new one from a boutique could not be justified (Sorry, Aleshia!). I also needed to replace an old black Coach Tote purchased from NYC a decade ago, long before Coach came north of the border. As well, I love its understated elegance - not depressing at all. We'll grow old well together, I think!

It came along on an outing where we took some relatives sight-seeing... so as tourists do, we take photos! :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hello 'Mom' Hair!

mentioned earlier that I had the urge to do the chop.... well I caved and went back to a bob- something I have a habit of doing every two years or so. Oh we are such creatures of habit!