Saturday, February 7, 2015

Non Penguin Orchestra Attire

The last time we were at the symphony, I thought the conductor was the most energetic, enigmatic little man.. until the I read the program notes during intermission and realised it was a woman! She was dressed in the most unflattering, androgynous black suit so from behind, one couldn't tell her gender.

So why do I care now? Well... D, a local musical director has been invited to conduct 3 events in Toronto, which is a huge honour and a fantastic opportunity to her. However, she was in a style quandary- what to wear? So next week we will be on a shopping mission for her to get some ideas. I don't know how strict the dress code is for symphony performers but if you want to take a spin on the traditional attire, these looks below come to mind:

Photos: Vogue, Instyle

But if there's leeway for a little self expression (IMO :) I would totally try these:

Photos: Stylecaster, Styledumonde

Wish us luck that we find sometime great for D!