Saturday, June 28, 2014

Found: Seasons old Celine

A couple weeks back I joined other suburban moms and scoured Winner's. There on the clearance rack was a Celine skirt from Spring 2011 Runway. Still pricey by Winner's standards, but it was in near perfect condition. If the pattern looks familiar, that is probably because a well known self-worshipping rapper wore a women's shirt from that collection to perform at Coachella that year. He made headlines in the fashion world.

Anyhow, here is the skirt next to its runway presentation at Paris Fashion Week. Of course it looks completely different on me. I need to finish altering the waist and figure what to pair it with.. when I have more time!

Photo on right: Monica Feudi/

Phoebe Philo's choices of patterns and colours made a few pieces from that collection fairly distinct that season. Here is my style crush, Australian Vogue style director Christine Centenera, in a pair of S/S 2011 pants:


Style Inspiration

Leave it to life to get in the way of all things fun! Since going back to work after mat leave I haven't had much time to stalk social media or my favourite fashion resources.. so I allowed myself to slip into fashion apathy. Sad. Then I saw an Instagram photo of my friend KK at an event and it woke me up from my stupor. The photographer's hashtag of #stylelesson sums it up. She's a momma of 3 and General Director for Austrian-based Neft Vodka and can (and always did) effortlessly rock a her own unique style.  Who else would consider lace and leopard print?

Instagram photo by Artforma/Nina Tseleva