Monday, January 19, 2015

Sabbatical break!

A very much delayed Happy 2015!

Street style inspiration for my IM boots.
Photo: Optimus Images
When they say life gets in the way, it sure does! Plus the fact that there hasn't been much in the fashion world that excites me enough to write. Call it apathy if you will.. I'll just attribute it getting old and shopping (a little) less. The only mention-worthy purchases in the last few months would be a Balenciaga ugly-but-quirky sweater and these Isabel Marant Knowles snow boots that I've been wearing with everything.

Then it also dawned on me that with our upcoming trip to Europe in May, I will be scratching off 3 fantasy getaways that I shared on SOAF. We have our tickets for the 2015 Monaco F1 Grand Prix, which also means we'll be loitering la Croisette at the Cannes Film Festival the same week and we are chilling out at the end of our vacation in beautiful Mallorca. Do you think they'll allow toddlers at the Hotel du Cap restaurant?  I guess we'll see and I'll have to tell you about it! Ciao!

Playa Iletas Mallora, Spain - our final stopping point