Monday, April 29, 2013

Renewed love for the Purseblog

I don't know how long ago I strayed from keeping up with my first favourite handbag obsessed site, the Purseblog. It has been a few years. I blame it on the fact that I discovered the Purseblog Forum and that is enough distraction to keep my occupied (and lusting) for hours. This site is partially responsible for my love of Hermes, Chanel, and Balenciaga bags... and introduction to Goyard and contemporary brands like Alexander Wang, Botkier, and Rebecca Minkoff.

I checked back to my old addiction and found that they had run a "The Many Bags of..." series where they post particular celebs and their handbag collections - at least what they have been photographed carrying. It brings back memories of days of discovering "when-so-and-so-carried-what-and-then-everyone-had-it". It is celebrity bag stalking all compiled and ready for your prowling.  I hope they cover more ladies like Anna della Russo, Sarah Rutson, and Natasha Goldenberg. I love the bags they sport! For more, I think I'll be occupied for a while yet...  see for yourself at The Purse Blog


Diverting from flats

This discussion more for my own therapy than anything else. I tend to fawn over any cute flats I see online, on celeb style blogs, and I gravitate towards trying them on in stores. But honestly, I have never found flats flattering on me, whether they are ballet flats, loafers, or slides. I have issues with my calves. So I would never wear them with shorts or skirts but only with ankle pants and cigarette or skinny jeans. Just a peep of them is all I like to see when I wear them.

Flats are quite comfortable and don't hurt until late in the day due to lack of arch support. Being that I am now a mom, I have to carry my little guy with and without his infant car seat. Until I become more skilled with this task, there is the obvious safety hazards with doing this in stiletto or platform heels 4" and higher. Oh we've seen it done (à la Mrs Beckham) but we know behind the scenes there are probably nannies/PA's holding the diaper bag, luggage, stroller, etc in those paparazzi photos. A luxury we mere mortals do not have. Hence the poor heels will see light on a much rarer basis. Only on occasions where the dear husband is available to do the hauling. Mind you, the only times I've ever tripped or rolled an ankle, I was wearing flat shoes each time. Go figure.

Anyhow, back to therapy. I need to remind myself that I do not need any more flats of any kind. I raided my closet and plopped them all together to remind me of this. This small but adequate collection should do and with summer coming (we still hope!) the option of sandals will predominate. So the gist (and shoe therapy goal) is that I wish to progress to wearing wedges as my designated "mom" shoes. They are sturdy and I am a sucker for a couple extra inches.

For an economical choice, I do like the series of Tom's open toe wedges, especially in red canvas or the snow leopard. Available at for $80 with free shipping until May 5, 2013.

And for a splurge choice, I love these pink Balenciaga wedges. So far only has them for $545... and thats before shipping and duty, which can add up over $700 when said and done. :(

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dries van Noten - one well grounded designer

I have still yet to own anything from Dries van Noten, but my friend KK does and she said her daughter even gravitated to these clothes when playing in her closet as a toddler. 

Here's an interview by Garance Doré with this modest designer. Definitely a complete opposite persona than the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or other headlining designers. Non- sensationalist he is, but a designer full of integrity. Being that he does not advertise, and remains based out of Antwerp, Belgium rather than moving to one of the fashion capitals; it is pretty clear the clothes speak for themselves. As Garance says in her interview, "When you buy a Dries van Noten shirt, you keep it for 20 years..."