Sunday, December 4, 2011

I can live in my new coat

My dear husband did allow me my wishlist Moncler S Sarina coat for my birthday this year. It also counts as my Christmas gift and probably every other occasion gift for the next few years... but we just won't bring up reminders when that time comes. :)

I was only able to find it in a Sz 2 (medium) as my size was sold out worldwide, but that's ok. I like a lot of room. With the bigger size I came up with 4 different ways to do it up. I love how it feels like I'm in a cozy cocoon...  The merino wool is lovely, which means I don't "swish" as much as other puffer coat wearers. The inevitable swish is there but its quiet since there's a nylon skirt. The skirt detail is totally quirky- that's probably why I was drawn to it!

Probably was a bad day to take a photo (make up free), but its all about the coat. :)

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