Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yearning for Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant SS 2013
Photo: Monica Feudi/

Since I've been a little obsessed with these Isabel Marant Jenny boots lately, I checked out IM's spring summer 2013 collection to see what we have to look forward too once the trees bloom again. The runway was an explosion of tropical/western prints in black, white, and red. The cuts had the very traditional Isabel Marant flair with bohemian embelishment, lace and a slight edginess with studs. Very skimpy and slim pieces that would jive more in Southern Cali or a place where a woman's BMI is 18 or less.

Isabel Marant SS 2013
Photo: Monica Feudi/
I look forward to see these in the IM boutique when we are in Paris next year. Maybe just for kicks, I'll try to see if I can get one leg in the red studded pants. :)

Isabel Marant SS 2013
Photo: Monica Feudi/

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beauty commercial parody

I often get into this debate with people as it is sometimes assumed that when a woman looks through a magazine, she sees photos and ads of models and celebrities she wants to look like- thereby setting unrealistic expectations for herself to strive to be super skinny, blemish-free, wrinkle -free... and making her feel unworthy and need to buy things to look like "that".

I can't speak for anyone else, but I take offence to this argument because I view magazines for ideas of whats new in fashion, who's making what, how clothes are styled, how street wear is combined, and what story an editorial is trying to convey. I truly appreciate the beauty and glam of the models/actresses but I take them for what they are: mannequins and entertainers. It's their job to look they way they do and the final product we see on paper and digital format is almost always edited and commercially retouched. I hope most women are aware of this fact.

That is why this video written and directed by Jesse Rosten is so funny true! As the creator's caption states: 'This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty."  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wish listed book

Since I can't make it to any of the exhibits... the book is available at Amazon!

Simon's scope out results

Ichi faux leather skirt
Available/Photo from 
Just a little update on an earlier post this month about Quebec retailer, Simon's, that had opened in Edmonton.

We had the chance to check out the mammoth, well lit store and it excites me to share that they did bring in the high end goods! I really did not expect that they would. Ladies (and gents), there is a little back section that houses Balmain, Chloe, Missoni, etc for your perusal. I fell completely in love with a Dries Van Noten top from F/W 2012 RTW that I tried on. But that top would have meant two and not four winter tires this year.. so I ended up having to face reality and went home with some more budget friendly items like a Yumi knitted winter dress and an Ichi faux leather skirt. Both on sale- not bad for first visit!

Yumi knitted dress
Available/Photo from Oasis 

Fleeting watch lust

My good ol' Tissot stopped ticking last week and when I dropped it off for a new battery, I started browsing at the other timepieces. Nothing was interesting in Rolex, Cartier, Baume & Mercier, or Longines showcases; however this retailer had some others beautiful watches to fawn over.

They had some pricey Chanel J12's to help crank my interest. I've written before about my love of the J12's and my friend's beautiful purchase. This time I was drawn more to an old (and at 1/4 the Chanel price tag) favourite watchmaker of mine- Tag Heuer. They had a lovely Formula 1 Ladies's steel and ceramic chronograph 41 mm watch. I normally love the racing-endorsed watch collections but most are very masculine with some gaudy race and checkered flag colours. I was surprised to find a nice women's design that's elegant but sporty- I doubt Lewis Hamilton sports any of the diamond and ceramic ones on the Tag H ad campaigns, though! Of course the sales associate was trying to tell me I needed a smaller watch. I told her no way. I tried on this other F1 black on black gorgeous one but goodness, who pays $1900 for a rubber strap? I love big men's watches, especially chronograph and exposed-skeleton watches... but we know in order to afford the makers of the latter variety, that requires an income where we move the decimal place to the right about 3-4 spots. :)

By the time I picked up my watch the next day and the Tissot was ticking again... this fleeting desire went away. This is, until my watch dies again in a couple years! My husband is probably thinking, thank goodness! I do not blame him at all...

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ladies Timepiece
41 mm steel ceramic chrono with 12 diamonds
Avail at Ł1550 at Ernest Jones (about $2200 CAD)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Up-coming retail therapy catalysts

I know I am not the only one who finds shopping for luxury goods in Canada difficult. By shopping, I mostly mean "window shopping"- to see, touch, try on, and drool over things that are so beautiful but are not affordable. Yet, they are things you put on a wish list and strive to save up for that grand moment when you can bring that special item home... anyhow, when it comes to those dream items, it is truly quality (and label!) over quantity. 

But there are at least 3 new store openings coming in the new future that can shift the balance between quality and quantity:

  1) Quebec retailer, Simons, has just opened in Edmonton this fall. I expect the West Ed Mall store will carry its house lines: Twik, Icône, and Contemporaine. Simons' Quebec stores also carry hard to find lines like Balmain, Junya Wantanable, Stella McCartney, Vanessa Bruno, and Carven that there may be hope of some product "transfers" out west.

2) Holt Renfrew plans to open a more lower priced store called HR2 in Spring 2013. Supposably to fill the void in the contemporary middle market by offering women & men's apparel and accessories from the familiar luxury designers' secondary and diffusion lines. Given the Edmonton's Holt Renfrew's selection of goods, they only simply have to rename the store.

3) Rumour has it Nordstrom is opening in Canada! I am definitely keeping my ears high alert to hear of more details on this expansion. :) 

Back on the jean wagon - Chimala denim

Chimala ankle denim ankle pants
$455 available at
There was a time (circa 2000) when prices of denim jumped from $75 for a pair of jeans to $155 with  Juicy Jeans and Diesel... then within a year or so, you had $200 pairs of Seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity taking over the denim market. I only remember this too clearly because I worshipped denim, as I've laid out in my 'denimology' post.

Now, the new standard 'regular' price bracket we are familiar with has loomed around $250-$300. The more embellished, the higher the retail price. Of course, there are the $500-$800 pairs of Dolce & Gabbana or Balmain jeans.

Needless to say, I have not been keeping up with the denim pulse. Until today. I saw Jane Aldridge model a pair of Japanese-made Chimala jeans on her blog, Sea of Shoes. The distressed denim looks so cozy, soft, and lived-in- even in the photos. Great photography work or not, I was intrigued and looked the brand up. They are exclusively on and wow, they are pricey- $455 to $483 for a pair. By the website's product description the makers of these jeans have"turned expert fading and washing into an art form." My interpretation? Hole-y jeans to create major holes in your wallet!