Saturday, May 3, 2014

Belated Western Canada Fashion Week Spring 2014 Follow up

We nabbed some front row seats with sponsor Belvedeere Vodka!
Wow, where did April go!?! I know why I flaked out on writing any SOAF posts- I returned to work after mat leave, that's why. Everyday I want to walk into the house and just crash. But I suppose it is a necessary adjustment for all working moms, especially new moms. And free time has gone by the way of the dodo bird.. that means less time catching up with most things online. Oh well, many parents manage so I am sure we'll figure things out and eventually whine less.

I have been meaning to post photos from my first outing to WC Fashion Week. It was a great experience and the spring collections were impressive. It sure taught me a lesson to pay more attention to local design talent!

L: My favourite look from the Stanley Carroll collection, Photo by Kelly Rosborough
R: Prints by Impair, Photo by June Nino Chua
A look from Jessica Halabi. Left photo's mine and right photo caught me taking it!
R: Photo by June Nino Chua

French-inspired looks by Grady Bleu. Photo by Ferd Isaac

A captivating gown by Melanie Rowe.. and moi caught texting. :)

And to answer my own question from my previous post about what to wear... I went with a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, Chanel jacket & clutch, and Balenciaga glove booties!