Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not dreaming of Genie, I'm dreaming of Kelly!

Hermes Kelly bag, named after Grace Kelly, of course!
Photo from google search, reference unknown

 In my bid to reward myself for major (to me, minor to some) accomplishments in life; I have been in negotiations with my dear hubby to allow for an expansion to the handbag collection. They always say both partners must discuss big financial decisions, right? Anyways, I am making some headway because with transferring to a new employer, I will be getting some unused vacation and pension transfer values that will allow for such an acquisition. In my mind, if it doesn't come out of our salaries, its just bonus funds, right? Sure we can put it towards the mortgage or keep it in RRSP's for tax benefits... but my soul says you only live once. Plus who is to say I will live to 65 anyways?!?

And what is it that I am currently obsessed about? The ever so classic Hermes Kelly. Yes, Phav, laugh at my taste for old lady bags! I've put myself on the Calgary Hermes' Wishlist (the boutique denies that it's a waiting list, but we know otherwise :). There's no obligation and no deposit, of course. If a red or indigo 32 cm Kelly is available in Spring 2012, they may call and it can be mine. Or the more practical side of me says $8K for a bag is nuts and I should look into vintage Kellys which are less. The design has not changed since it's creation in the 1930's so its timelessness is never doubted. These bags get passed on from generation to generation so it's a worthy investment. Or I may come to my senses and just get a Fendi Peek-a-Boo tote, which has similar features and for a fraction of the price. For now, I shall dream of Kelly...

**actually as an update to this blurb, I have agreed to keep the funds locked in for retirement and use my tax return instead.. see, I can compromise! :)

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  1. My dear, you absolutely deserve it! I hope your dream of Kelly comes true! And I agree, its bonus funds and you do only live ONCE. Keep us posted :)