Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovely Lanvin.. at Winners?!?

Yesterday we dropped off the Calgary Trail Winner's location (my place to score cheap designer denim!), and it there was just an explosion of "Runway" black label racks. I'm talking about 4x's more floor space then than the usual slim pickings. So my friends and I had a merry time picking through on-off pieces from Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, etc  Of course, the buying lessons for shopping "Runway" stuff at Winners is:

My favorite try-on (and the only thing that fit), a Lanvin dress!
Of all places, eh? Anyhow, Winners is not a where I'd pay $999.
1) No one really goes there to spend $699 on a dress - leave it and it will be there in a couple months on clearance, where no one will rush to buy it at $399 either. By then it would have dropped on the muddy floor and picked up a few stains and tears and you'd have to still really like it to buy it "as is".

2) It's there for a reason - check all seams, stitching, sizes, stains etc.. things may not be what they appear to be size-wise. We just don't rush to use the d term.. hint, it rhymes with "effective".

3) If you and your shopping companion like the same thing? Forget about finding a second one - she who finds it first, gets it!

Ceramic done right: The J12 watch

Chanel J12 GMT- Available at

My friend's dear husband granted her the best birthday wish ever this week: "Honey, you can pick any one item you want from the Chanel boutique..." (Hopefully he realised what he got himself into! ;)

Well, she decided on one of my favorite window shopping drool-items: a 42 mm Chanel J12 ceramic watch. I remember seeing the ad (like the one above) for the first time and it was love at first site. I've tried it on once in a while at its Chanel boutique home. It is simply gorgeous. Often I'd see people wearing the white resin/ceramic watches with gaudy bling and rhinestones, but its not quite the same at all!
On display

Anyhow, here's the reveal...

PS Happy birthday PM! xoxo

On my little wrist - love it!

This is... The Coveteur

The three behind the Coveteur, I'm  assuming :)
Photo: Jake Rosenberg from

New-to-me site discovery: The Coveteur! If you want to read up on profiles of the most influential people-of-the-moment in the scene (and get a peak into their fashion must-haves and what inspires them:) I suggest you check out .

 "..a new way of looking at the creative process and influences of some of today's most recognized global tastemakers.." (ie: the fashion elite.. and we aren't talking about the Kardashians!)

The idea was created by designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark and images captured by photographer Jake Rosenberg. The interviews are short and sweet.. I think I will have a lot of online reading lined up for the snowy weekend!

Enjoy the fashion edumacation!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pardon My French: Episodes 2 & 3

I'm soo hooked on this little Pardon My French series! Keep them coming, Garance Dore!

View the episodes from her blog.

Episode 2:

Episode 3- Hey Ladies:

Prints + Architecture = Mary Katrantzou!

Mary Katrantzou F/W 2012
Photo: Yannis Vlamos /
I am sick with the stomach flu during my holiday-at-home and I cannot do all that I had planned for my days off: pedicure, facial, massage, window shopping etc. So I am stuck in bed catching up on London Fashion Week and there's tonnes of coverage for emerging Greek designer, Mary Katrantzou. She won the Emerging Talent - Ready-to-Wear Award at the British Fashion Awards in 2011. And rightfully so.. I adore the prints, the shapes, and bursts of colour. Her design signature is quoted as“a hyperrealist aesthetic, bold graphics and industrial jewellery."

I highly encourage checking out the full collection on or read up on her designer profile.

Mary Katrantzou F/W 2012
Photo: Yannis Vlamos /
Mary Katrantzou F/W 2012
Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pardon My French - Episode I

Let me invite you to watch my fashion inspiration, Garance Dore's first episode in her series Pardon My French. The short video series is about her life in New York as a frenchie. She is so adorable..

video from her blog Garance Dore:


Monday, February 13, 2012

Lady with the red dress on...

Do you remember that cheezy song by Snow? Or did were you forever hooked on "Informer" :P

I was just browsing and it's collection of little red dresses. On occasion, the lady in red does turn more heads in a sea of LBD's. Gosh, that brings on another 80's song... forgive me, I've been living in the past this weekend after re-listening to Whitney Houston music. Such a part of my childhood!

Anyways, here are the ones I wish would show up in my closet:

Valentino, $1395
Available at
Balenciaga, $1295
Available at

Vionnet, $895
Available at

Lanvin, $1325
Available at

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fantasy Valentine's Date

S/S 2012 Bottega Veneta RTW
Photo: Yannis Vlamos /
Ok, so there's fantasy hockey or fantasy football video games for the men. Its all ok. But if a woman wants to dream away by frequent online shopping, its an unhealthy addiction. Or if she reads smut romances or watch soaps, its considered trivial and mind-dulling.

Well, I would just say screw it- this is my outlet. My fantasy Valentine's date does not need a virtual simulation game, but a little bit of imagination.

Scenario: The love of my life surprises me with a weekend trip to Mallorca, Spain. (Of course, this will have to be the weekend before because Valentines 2012 falls on a Tuesday and we have a snowboarding trip for the weekend after.) I see a day of strolling the beaches and having a nice dinner at a seaside restaurant for some Spanish paella. Yum!

The dinner outfit *very important*: A S/S'12 Bottega Veneta dress (love this one on the left!) paired with Valentino studded heels (avail at Nordstrom, but I saw them in the Holt Renfrew Spring 2012 Shoe Guide mailout), and a Proenza Schouler PS1 clutch in red lambskin.

Ahh, that was so much fun. I may do more of those. I encourage everyone to never stop dreaming. Have a great Valentine's Day no matter what you do.
Proenza Schouler PS1 Clutch
$895 USD @

Valentino studded cage sandals
$895 USD @
Photo: mallorca-venues