Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hooked on Free Magazines

H&M Fall 2011

Whether they are digital like Net A Porter's online magazine or H&M's in-store seasonal issues, I've been enjoying the free reading. Have you ever spent the $5.99 on a Vogue and found some of the reading really blase or redundant? Or that the head-lining interview was only 1.5 pages long and the photos were borrowed from another publication? Somewhat a let-down, that's for sure.

 With these great resources, I can save my hard earned money for more tangible goods- and you know what I am talking about! The articles I have come across are industry standard great and super informative. They are most certainly on-trend and reliably au courant and the photos, especially in H&M Fall 2011 magazine, are captured by famous fashion photographers like Terry Richardson. And in an archived issue of NAP's magazine, they featured the Blogger's Powerlist- most definitely a good one to check out.

Net-A-Porter Online Magazine

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