Monday, July 9, 2012

Guilded camelia for the tootsies

$850 at the Chanel Boutique, oh how lovely they are! Tonight, I dream of gold...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer reading version 2.012

Have you ever caught yourself in a middle of a book and then another comes along that tempts you to drop it immediately? Ok, maybe I am not in the middle and just only on Chapter 2: "Predictions of Dopamine" in Johah Lehrer's neuroscientific research on why we choose and decide on things, his book aptly titled How We Decide. As much as I'd like to determine if I should abide by instinct or analysis in my life, the other book- we'll call it the mistress title, is about HERMES Birkins!! 

Should I cheat on my neuroscience and behavioral economics lesson with adventures in frivolosity and fantasies of materialism? Maybe I should read to the chapter in Lehrer's book that tells me how to decide on this crucial matter...

PS. Thanks for the book, Phav!