Sunday, February 27, 2011

Body Image Debate...

 I've been looking into the Tracy Anderson Method and her Metamorphosis systems as a source for work out ideas and I came across this article by British columnist Philip Robinson the in Daily Mail which knocks Gwyneth Paltrow's diet-fitness regime. Tracy Anderson is her personal fitness trainer who also trains a whole slew of stars like Madonna, Shakira, and Nicole Richie. The basic gist of the article is skeletal thin is not hot and men like women with "wobbly bits". He wrote (about the actress' lifestyle): "In short, you cannot achieve this. Do not try. If you do, you’d better start by dropping all semblance of humour and start by taking yourself about as seriously as God. On, you can see Gwyneth living the dream, glowing with good health and knocking up a cake in the sort of kitchen that exists only in the pages of glossy magazines"

From: Tracy Anderson Method Studio flyer

 In parts I agree and disagree. I believe in indulging and I believe being truly sexy is about about living life to the fullest in all aspects. And most people should know that these celebrities' livelihoods are based on their looks and they have all the time and money to pamper and tweak themselves. It isn't realistic for the average person. However, I disagree that women aim to achieve their body-image goals to please men. It may be shallow, but sometimes we want to look good in clothes (or without clothes) for ourselves. It's about confidance and a whole lot of exercise physiology leading to the benefits of being active and eating healthy for the mind-body-spirit. Everyone may have their differing opinions, but I feel the goal is to love and work with the body we got and enjoy taking care of ourselves. If I want to browse though the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine or choose to wear makeup, it does not mean that I hate what I am. I just think Irina Shayk is pretty hot!

 And back to Tracy Anderson, she is petite at under 5' tall but she looks like this:
 But for a $1500 initiation fee and $900/month for her program, I would rather collect Chanel handbags and may have no choice but stick to YouTube. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Halston Heritage Sale at of all places...The Bay!

I've debated keeping this our little secret but I wear my heart and soul on my sleeve and can't help myself from assisting others spend their hard earned money! Halston Heritage, legendary house of Halston's diffusion line which has Sarah Jessica Parker as it's chief creative officer, is on clearance at the Bay. We're talking mark down of mark down of a markdown prices because the Bay, god bless them, has that 50% off the last ticketed price on their sale stuff. So you can take home dresses and tops which were regular $300-$500 home for $45-$90.

Or.. if you don't want to borrow your mom's Bay card and go shopping, you can check out the merch at Netaporter, Shopbop, Revolve Clothing, Nieman Marcus etc and pay regular. Take your pick!

My friend Chris bought this one in black  for $60. Photo:

Plisse dress

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not Convinced About Cork

Some rave reviews have been coming in for these YSL cruise collection cork and patent clutches... I beg to differ. Cork on shoes- Ok. Cork as coasters- fine. Cork as handbag? You be the judge. For $550 you may a bit more of a critic.


 They do look like something I'd give to a child playing dress up. Don't you think?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Your Name Here} Shoe Designs

 I haven't had so much fun on a website in days! Bespoke (custom made) shoes can be yours if you are having bum luck finding that perfect shoe. You can pick the heel height, leather colour, texture, peep toe, closed toe, gladiator, sling back, ankle boots... you get the idea. Check out Shoes of Prey and play around. Once you decide on your creation, you can put in an order and their shoe artisans will hand-make your shoes. For $185 - 335, the price is reasonable and they offer a full refund if you don't like them!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Updo Shortlist!

Since our applications for Russian Visas and Greek ferry schedules are driving me bonkers (and seriously making me lose sleep!), I need to share something that's not stressing me out.. bridal hair!

Here's the short list of 'dos I'd like to say "I do" in.. lol, I made a funny! The challenge is up to hair and make up artist, Helen Savva of Savva International, to work her magic!



Monday, February 7, 2011

Footballer Transfers Equated to Handbag Shopping...Too Funny!

Torres promoting his book "El Nino- My Story"
My favorite oggling site since the World Cup 2010 has put a hilarious post about the trades that went on in the football world. Kickette has compared the transfers of my hubby's doppelganger (so I fantasize), Fernando Torres, and other players to the likes of purse shopping.

Or course, I readily agree that Chelsea's 50 million pound acquisition of Nando Torres is much like buying the Cruise 2011 Chanel "honeysuckle" Python Timeless Clutch. Their quote made me giggle:

"This is the one that you’re prepared to ignore increasingly frantic phone calls from your credit card company for. It looks good, it feels smooth and glossy beneath your hungry finger tips and you know you can’t live without it, even if you have to move out of your condo and into a cardboard box."

Chanel Python Timeless Clutch. From

Love it! Since the clutch costs $3-4,000 that sums it up just right! As for the other players, they were considered impulse buys like an Alexander McQueen Clutch and another one a hum-ha-er that you buy only for the sake of buying something. Check out to read the rest.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A couple stunning magazine covers

I have been on the hunt for a note-worthy magazine to mention this month and the January cycle has gone by.  So in lieu of a mag with content, lets be shallow and gawk at two super eye-catching covers. Sorry I'm not including that hyped-up W cover with a nude Kim Kardashian. Not my thing. Rather, you can check out the world's most beautiful woman, Aishwayra Rai for Vogue India. She's just so naturally gorgeous and too bad the crazy photoshoppers have angulated her rounder features and voluptuousness. Check out this entry from Skinny vs Curvy to see the real vs photoshopped versions of my favorite Bollywood actress. Sure she married a tree, but I'm totally cool with cultural diversity.

And the second cover pick is the girl-I-wish-I-can-look-like, Mila Kunis, for LA Times Magazine. Again, there's a bit of a ballet theme, but I'm not tired of that- not yet anyways! :)