Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Skincare Junkie's Anonymous

 Since I'm presently on the hunt for (yikes!) an anti-aging serum, I thought I'd share my go-to place to cross reference make up & skin care product reviews:

 As much as is super-duper informative, this forum is handy because you can filter by reviews from people with similar skin woes -or blessings- as you do. You can search by brand and product type for comparisons. It's funny how the top rated products can range from simple vaseline, pure apricot kernel oil, to $250 La Prairie creme. Trust me these ladies are very detailed about their pores, their routines, the hits and misses they experience, etc. Its great to hear how ordinary women discover whether or not a product does what it claims to do. Reading product literature composed by strategic marketers would make anyone believe they are holding the next big miracle. The reviews at makeupalley are refreshingly unbiased.

 Considering there are hundreds of product review sites out there, I found this site one of the most helpful and diverse in content. So sign in and enjoying being a junkie!

p.s. So far so good, I'm leaning towards a Dior serum and the feedback is tempting me try it out!

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