Monday, December 27, 2010

Vogue Pays Peanuts

 The latest fashion trend apparently, is lawsuits. There's been news of at least seven in the past few months filed by big modelling agencies at war with each other for poaching and by models suing their agencies for ripping them off. Poaching, just like the hunting sense, is stealing models from other agencies and making them break their contracts. Maybe this is an industry that cant get used to the fact that employee loyalty is a concept of the past. Considering how it is so cut throat and exploitative, this fact should not be so shocking. 

 Anyhow, the interesting thing that comes from this are the stats disclosed from the case filed by Polish models Anna Jagodzinska and Anna Cywinska, and Estonian model Karmen Pedaru. They are suing their former agency Next Management for $3.75 million in lost wages and punitive damages. Jagodziska, who was fairly in demand  in 2009/2010 is one of the faces of H&M, J Crew, Gap, Calvin Klein, David Yurman, etc. She revealed her earnings statement from April 23 2010:


 The numbers from Vogue are the real shock. French and American Vogue pay $125 & $250 respectively for editorial work- that's less than the cost of the hosiery they make the girls wear in the shoots!  So realistically to make it big like the Kates & Giseles of the world, a model has to land the lucrative catalog, beauty, or ad campaigns. Doing the magazine editorials will only garner them exposure and networking opportunities with the photographers and creative directors who can hook them up with campaigns. Mind you, Jagodzinska is relatively successful and very few even make it to this level of success. She only nets 38.7% of her contracts, assuming she wins her lawsuit and gets paid. Talk about dispelling the glamour of the industry. I wonder if they tell the contestants this on  America's Next Top Model? At least they learn to smile with their eyes- that's a useful life skill. :)

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