Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Muks- Putting Canadian Heritage on the Map.. and on Tootsies around the Globe


Fed up with my routine of three layers of sockies and still freezing my toes every morning, I've decided to give in and look into real winter boots. Yes, living in our climes, this is far too delayed. Uggs are out, since I've never been a fan. I'm sure some of you can relate. Sorrel's are revitalised and trendy. They are a practical solution, but I think Muks are winning me over. Maybe it's the boho appeal that calls my name. The wedge and wrap styles are clearly funky and hip. Some call these ugly as well, but unlike Uggs, you can pet these. :)

They aren't cheap ($250 - $450) but they are handcrafted in Canada and local tribes do the embroidery. The  luxurious fur comes from either breeding animal or purchased directly to the families who rely on hunting for survival.  The comfy sole uses an environmentally friendly rubber and the original Muks are 100% biodegradable. Last but not least, the company gives 11% of profits to the local communities.

Ironically, the founder Jamie Cook is Canadian but tranplanted herself to the UK so that's Muks' HQ. She started the company in 2003 and started selling mukluk boots her mom would send her from home. Clearly she credits the aboriginal heritage for the mukluck concept, but she adds her glam 70's rock spin to the designs- at least for this season anyways. Leave it for Kate Moss to be her first ever customer and from then on Cook secured the worldwide distribution rights for mukluks and its all history from there. Thats not a bad career when she says she only became interested fashion at the age of 21.

See the whole 2010/2011 collection at

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