Friday, January 7, 2011

Why Love BV: "Iconic"...not "It"

From: Interview Magazine
Go to most handbag forums and you will find the top coveted handbag labels listed as 1) Hermes 2) Chanel and 3) Bottega Veneta (BV). They are my favorites, too. Occasionally some would pipe in Louis Vuitton- just for the sake of  it's sheer mass distribution. In the Canadian market, BV is probably the least recognized despite it's distinctive woven intrecciato leather goods. And the ready-to-wear clothes season after season are beautiful with elements of elegant, architectural draping and simplistic vibrancy.

Some of their most renowned bags are the "Cabat", the "Knot", and the "Veneta". Tomas Maier, the somewhat reclusive designer of BV has recently scorned the labelling of his bags "It". In an interview with the New Yorker, he stated "The It Bag is a totally marketed bullshit crap" and he is right. The marketing consumerist machine will product-place a designer's bag with a celeb, make sure they get "caught" toting it in a tabloid and it sells. Every woman will want it. Honestly, I was guilty of buying into that at one time years ago but now I see through the farce. Now there's more of an appeal to me for iconic and classic pieces- maybe I'm just getting old. BV bags fit that bill. It is the opposite to bling-laden excess. No logos. Just subtleness. Maier has increased BV sales by 800% since he took the helm in 2001- and most of these sales are from their signature bags, shoes, and wallets. He has once said about his S/S 2010 collection that "what's perfect is nothing". Check out and fall in love with nothingness.



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