Monday, December 27, 2010

Noteworthy Magazine Issue: Elle UK December

  Have you ever picked up a magazine and realise after you finished flipping through it, you wish you could get your $5 back? I feel that way all the time- especially after buying tabloids. They make me feel terrible for fueling the paparazzi business, but darn that addiction to celeb street style! Editorials are great for showcasing the fantasy outfits of the up coming season but wearability does not fall within a real woman's budget. However, seeing what Ashley Olsen wears to Starbucks is a lot more accessible and real. That plus candid, (mostly) non photoshopped photos, of course. I know, the things we tell ourselves to justify reading the garbage.

 Normally I peruse my favorite publications at Chapters: The Economist, Plaza, Vogue (US & UK), L'Officiel, Elle, Fashion Week Mini, Harper's etc.. but since Anna Wintour is stuck on her obsession with Blake Lively, I rarely buy any more Vogues. But yesterday I started reading, and could not put down the Elle UK Dec 2010 issue- the one with Anne Hathaway on the cover in a hot Balmain frock. Sure I parted with $11.40 but it was worth it. Its been a long time since I've found an issue with real decent reading content. Too bad its the end of the cycle and they'll start putting up skinny January issues. But anyhow, the articles worth checking out in this issue include:

- The Model Powerlist : Who are the faces of 2010? The industry has spoken...
- He is Legend: Keanu Reeves (brought back memories of a jr high crush inflicted by watching Speed :)
- The Importance of Clothes: Does what you wear send out the right messages?
- The Elle Beauty Awards 2010
..and more.


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