Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fantasy girls night in

Photo: From domainehome

This may be partially rooted in my infatuation for Nicole Richie's style. I am hooked on her Candidly Nicole webisodes- they are funny and short enough in length that her comments don't get on my nerves. Back to topic, if I were to have a fantasy over-the-top gals night in, it has been done. A night in is certainly more appropriate in this phase of my life as I cherish the intimacy of dinner get-togethers with our friends more so than being in loud restaurants or bars. And no time limit on how long you can loiter at the table. :)

Domaine Magazine has story in its September issue with NR's tips for dining al fresco. All the elements I would like for an extravagant but quaint dinner party with girlfriends are all there:

1)Al fresco - Who wouldn't love an outdoor dinner? When the weather is nice, there's a draw to restaurant patios or cafés. My favourite al fresco experiences were in Toronto and of course, in Europe. In the article, I'm sure the host's beautiful backyard and California weather has its advantages, which leads to #2..
Photo: From domainehome

2) Garden setting - Again, beautiful backdrop: little pool, table & chairs with character...and colourful hydrangeas galore!

3) Neat (and expensive-looking) tableware and plates - Probably makes food taste that much better by enhancing the visual senses as well.

4) Catering by a gourmet chef - Why worry about burning dinner? Food presentation is covered so that your friends can Instagram or Facebook the food porn. The drinks are so exquisite, I probably can't drink them until the ice melts and it looks like any other ol' cocktail slush.

5) Best friends - The real reason this article fascinates me so is that I would love to have everyone together. I miss my dear friends tremendously as most live in other cities all over the country/continent, and some overseas.

Photo: From domainehome
Why is there no food on NR's plate?

Really, I suggest checking out the story at Domaine Home. See the rest of the gorgeous photography as it may inspire your next garden dinner party... though maybe for next summer if you live in Northern Alberta!

Photo: from domainehome

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