Friday, May 31, 2013

Fantasy Grand Prix Weekend

It was about this time last year that I wrote about a fictional dream weekend in Cannes. I haven't daydreamed in a while and actually, since being a sleep-interrupted mom, I can't recall having many dreams at all!

Monaco GP Circuit

Anyhow, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix just took place last weekend with Nico Rosberg winning this year's race.  My friend ThiMy and I were pondering how wonderful it would be to attend the event someday. Its most famous, beautifully set race on the F1 schedule (see above) yet can be most boring because there's very little overtaking because of the narrow track- the starting line up can stay static and pole position wins, unless they crash out. Those close to my hubby and I know that we are follow some motor sports, specifically MotoGP, F1, and WRC (more so my husband). For F1, dear husband roots for Jenson Button and Fillipe Massa. Myself, I am a fair-weather-to-the-underdog fan... and anybody but Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. We've been to Laguna Seca for MotoGP a couple times and we have considered if we attend an F1, it would be either Monaco or Montreal. For WRC, we would consider Argentina... but now that Sebastian Loeb has retired, we'll see about that!

If we ever make it to Monaco again (last time there I was 16 yrs old- soo soo long ago!), what would be appropriate to wear? I know Côte d'Azure attire would be resort wear with colourful and billowy maxi dresses, light shifts, linen pants, sandals etc etc.. but I've been drawn to preppy "summer" sweaters and shorts. For I wandering around the event in the case that its slightly warm out, that's what I would go with. Similar to this look:

But... I try not not to match my shoes to my top if its all one colour. I would opt for a contrast and select something that clashes. Like these:

Dolce & Gabbana sandals
Available at Matches

Or another example by Natasha Goldenberg (love the accessories!):


However, this is all moot if its scorching out! In that case, its a barely there tank top and shorts or sundress. There's no need to feel overexposed because the F1 grid girls are there to make you look modest.

For evening, should we successfully hijack a yacht and have our own party (are you still with me, ThiMy?)... I love love love the Alexander McQueen dress my girl crush wore at the Cannes Film Fest. I would even agree to keeping the shoes simple because the dress is just so amazing.


However, should we fail to find a yacht, we will have to settle for hanging out at the Monte Carlo Casino... oh darn!

The shabby Monte Carlo Casino
Photo: sam garza via wikipedia commons

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