Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Defunct shoe give-a-way

Last week I cleaned out my closet of old shoes that I either found too tight (post pregnancy) or I just needed to part ways with or I just fell out of love with. I wanted to find new homes for them or donate them. All are either sizes 6 to 7 and only a few of my friends have the same size- a really good thing when shoe shopping and there's no bartering over the last pair in your size.

Anyhow, my dear mother came over and I mentioned my closet clean out and she wanted to see. Let's just say we cannot call it first dibs when she had taken them all. There are no subsequent dibs to be had. Oh well, as long she enjoys them and doesn't let my brother's dog Marley chew them up... its only happened once but that's more than enough. Shoe lovers would understand. ;)

Just to illustrate and for my dear friends to say "its about time she got rid of those"... here is mom modelling all pairs:

Elizabeth and James nude snakeskin pumps

Really ancient heels from Nine West
(Nice pedi mom!)
Nanette Lepore for Keds sneaker wedges
Kenneth Cole embellished mules

BCBG tan kitten heels (my clinic shoes!)

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