Monday, May 27, 2013

About an old pair of sandals...

The sandals in discussion
So there's a pair that I found years and years ago at Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco for dirt cheap. At the time I never heard of Italian Shoemaker but they were simple, comfortable, and neutral in bronze sequins. And the footbed is a cushioned faux suede. Unlike regular flip flops, they don't give that soreness in the big toe/index toe junction, and there is a slight wedge (from 3/4" at heel to flat at front). I know it's not much, but that mere slope stands the test of walking day to night vs walking in completely flat sandals. And I've never gotten blisters from the thin straps. For someone who has a lot of shoes, it's pretty crazy how I'm so attached to the most inexpensive pair I own.

They are also my go-to travel sandals because they take up barely any space and weigh next to nothing- pretty crucial when airlines only allow 10 kg for carry on luggage. They've gone from beach outings to dancing at weddings, and climbing Acropolis'. This is relevant now because after globetrotting and surviving multiple summers, they are starting to wear out in the straps. A couple years back, I googled the brand and found styles that weren't so... youthful? (No offence, Mom!) I found that the Bay carried them but again, it seemed an entire differently company made my sandals and the ones in the stores at the time. Even the pairs that showed up at Winners were a little lacklustre and I wish the designers would go back to the old heels designs. Some of you will know what I mean. I complete regret not buying two pairs at Nordstrom but that's OK. That's what Ebay is for as you will see... it is discontinued heaven!

The replacements: Lime green ones are a mothers day gift from my sister.
Leopard printed ones were worth a try.
Both ~ $20 from Ebay :)

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