Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching up...

Wow, the last couple months have been blur since I've became a mommy. The cycle of feeding, diaper changes, and trouble shooting nap techniques do pass the days and weeks away. Life has changed but every minute with him warms my heart... as exhibited below:

 Sure, I would get an odd minute or two to read up on this and that - so trust me, SOAF blurb ideas have come and gone during this last month. For example, I was excited about and wanted to share the news that some of the Met Gala dresses worn this year were available for sale on a Moda Operandi trunk show - that is if you have four or five digit sums of extra cash available! And H&M announced that their November 2013 collaboration collection is by one of my favourites, Isabel Marant.. I can't wait to see that... and (maybe l will write about this later in a reveal) as a Mother's Day gift, I did acquired a pre-loved cerf tote from one of favourite house that starts with "C" and ends with "L". A girl needs an alternate diaper bag, non?

 However, some things can be accomplished hands free while feeding baby. Like watching 80's chic flicks on the internet and watching you tube videos. I have watched Michelle Phan makeup tutorials as I'm clueless with make up - this tip in particular I will try (video below) as I am getting that urge to chop my hair off. She is super talented and so skilled at transforming looks with makeup. No wonder she is a You Tube millionaire! Well deserved!

And today I discovered Melissa Soldera's You Tube channel. She's the owner/founder of Style Society sales agency, distributing mid to high end designer collections to Canadian retailers. Thus, proving one can have a successful entrepreneurial career in fashion buying here. She's from Montreal and she correctly pronounces her French labels correctly... and those who of you who love LV can appreciate her collection. Here's an example of a video- this one is on what she stuffs into her Birkin:

The last thing I want to note is my recovery from delivering a baby involves that challenge of getting the ol' body back. Like any other mom, its something I am not able to dedicate much time to but will slowly work on. First priority is the little guy and trying to get back in my jeans is secondary. After asking around, I think giving myself a goal of 6 months to a year would be most sensible. In fact, I found a video posted of a fashion show (CCYAA's Oriental Fusion) I participated in a decade ago. The  clothes in this show clip were provided by Diesel from their S/S 2003 season.. and I had to wear a tube top as a skirt because I didn't fit the sample sizes provided. So the consensus is.. if I can get half as fit as I used to be, that'll be fine! :)


  1. Totally agree! My priority is my baby as well, and then it's getting more fit again. I'm glad you are still finding time for your other passions :)