Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lusting after Alaia

It is no shock that I've always loved Azzedine Alaia. I've expressed my worship of him before and trust me, it's not going to end. With little sister's wedding coming up in the Mayan Riviera this winter, I think wearing a beautiful, embellished piece of art on my feet would be perfect to complete my bridesmaid dress.

The only trouble is Alaia shoes are really, really hard to find. They are still handcrafted and thus have such limited distribution. Even though they are.. um pricey, they are shoes that a girl keeps for a lifetime! Out of my search, here are my favorites to dream about:


Gold studded red suede
Available for 1075 Euros at
Gold studded (the big thing right now) in sand suede
Available for 955 Euros at
Wood-embellished, python
Discounted 60% off to $624 USD at

Alaia shoes come in the coolest box ever!

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