Thursday, May 10, 2012

Traipsing to the office in Tod's

Yesterday I had some errands to run so I drove to work instead of taking the usual commuter bus. Refusing to pay $18 to park downtown, I left the RR in a lot near the river and took a scenic walk to work. I wore my periwinkle Tod's Aspen pumps, which I picked up in Beverly Hills years ago. People tease about my love of heels, but I think I've proven my capabilities. The following shots were taken along my little trek:

The big stairs, a haven for morning runners. Not a problem in heels - for one round :)

There's always something quaint about railboad tracks

Tod's Aspen pumps in periwinkle patent leather
Note: In case you're wondering- the scarring on my left foot is from
stepping into a bonfire when I was one years old.

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