Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Solstice & Swimsuits

Stiletto maillot from Eres' Vertigo Collection, 380 Euros
Available at www.eresparis.com 
We have been undulated with "get-that-Bikini-body" work out tips and diets an on annual basis starting from Goundhog Day, but even with five months of prep time... let's just say it's not always happening. With every year the lumps and bumps are more persistent- so enjoy your 20's while they last, ladies! For me, entering my 30's saw beginnings of the inverse activities of my old friend metabolism. Oh well... c'est la vie!

But most of us that have been to the resort beaches know that in the end- it really doesn't matter when you are surrounded by all walks of life.. including geriatric men in Speedos! Everyone has figure insecurities and no one really has a perfect body- even those that seemingly do will have gripes about their imperfections. So the point I am trying to make is to simply invest your energy in being the best you can be- just find a really cute swimsuit! Summer solstice is just a few days away, whether we are beach-body ready or not.

I have scouted swimsuits before on my Facebook SOAF notes years ago. This time I was curious about the allure of Eres, the French swimsuit and lingerie brand. They definitely are simple and lux-looking. Some of them are described to be made from parachute fabric...ooh...ahh.. and the style and colour names are just chic. Of course, they are pricey-par example, the really cute one in the photo above. That's roughly $500 CAD. Ca coutte trop cher! Looking another line I like such as the Vitamin A Smoke Maillot below- it is super hot and I love the wrap around the monokini. It breaks up the exposed oblique look of a regular monokini. Available for $199 USD. And just as much still for the cute Seafolly Goddess Kiara bustier bikini. Roughly $99 each for separate top and bottom.

Vitamin A Smoke Maillot, $199
From www.instyleswimwear.com

Seafolly Goddess Kiara Bustier bikini, about $99
From: www.seafolly.com

Seriously though, for something that you are going to smear seaweed and muddy sand on, I would rather allocate my frivolous spending on other things... Unless of course, it made my cellulite disappear! :) There are tonnes of wicked swimsuits around, but in the end..Victoria's Secret clearance sale it is!

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