Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lust list: Bags

Since landscaping has taken priority over shopping, I can only yearn for lovely handbags... from a distance. Consider me boring, but I haven't been crazily following handbag trends. As I discussed months ago in a Bottega Veneta post, the "It" bag syndrome is a marketing gimmick. Some lucky people get accessories thrown at them for free to wear because they are walking billboards. And some people just have so much disposable income that they can buy whatever they want. But for us real folk, my personal thoughts are to invest in the timeless and classic - according to your personal tastes. Then again, there is no harm in lusting for something quirky and just plain gorgeous. Here is the list of the bags I am currently fawning over:

Proenza Schouler PS1 tote
$1995 USD on

A black version of the PS1 modelled on

Celine Nano tote. This girl's mom is Sarah Rutson, creative director for Lane Crawford.
Photo: that green! Goyard double-sided hemp & leather St  Louis

Told you she had an amazing bag collection. Wendy's Marco Tagliaferri tote
Photo and her blog entries:

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