Saturday, July 9, 2011

Identification crisis.

  I received a suggestion to please identify some of the outfits I wear in the photos I post in my Facebook albums. You know, as they do in magazines. I think that would be quite fun but it presents a bit of a dilemma. I do enjoy sharing with others what I'm wearing and I name drop and label drop constantly. It is mainly out of the excitement of getting the to wear whatever it is (because living in Alberta... special occasions are RARE!) and the thrill of communicating with other individuals who understands and shares the same love and passion for clothes. Most fashion lovers can babble about clothing and accessories all day long without exhaustion. And we can spend hours going through each other's closets... and trust me, there are definitely many other people with awesome wardrobes I envy!

  Then it occurred to me that there is another side to it. Talking about your clothes and the things you own can be perceived as narcissistic and conceited. A few years back, I heard I was called arrogant. In this particular situation it was because I used 'big words' and had told about them about what was going on with my life. Meanwhile there are others out there that constantly put people down to make themselves feel better and others that feel the need to one-up everyone else in conversation. Needless to say, I used to be a little sensitive when someone accuses me of lacking humility.

 After some careful thought, I realise Dr Seuss stands correct: "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind". It may not be very humble for me to say this, but I'm not a jerk. A control freak, maybe. :)  EVERYONE should be comfortable in their own skin and be confident. Fear not self-expression. So here goes the shallow, fashion-obsessed geek in me- a gallery of a few of my favorite ensembles. I will also go back in my FB albums ands label things here and there on myself and my friends. So thank you, A.K., for inspiring this! You will soon catch onto how much I recycle what little I have. :)

@ a wedding with my cousin Kie and her Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. (Sorry, I cant recall where her dress is from although I recognize it :) On me: Top, Jil Sander; Belt, Marni; Pants, Urban Outfitters; Shoes, House of Harlow Praline sandals; Clutch, Chanel Wallet on Chain

@ My wedding in Greece. Dress, Maggie Sottero; Shoes, Marc Jacobs

@ the Justice of the Peace's house for our official legal marriage: Jacket, Chanel; Dress, Chanel; Belt, Burberry Prorsum; Shoes, Jimmy Choo

In Santa Monica: Jacket, Papaya Jeans; Jeans, Paige Premium Laurel Canyon Jeans; Belt, Celine; Boots, Jimmy Choo; Bag, Miu Miu

In Ottawa: Jacket, Prada Sport; Jeans, Paige Premium Laurel Canyon; Shoes, Tod's Fibietta Ballet Flats

In Ottawa: Tank top, Michael Kors; Skirt, Zara; Scarf, Winner's(?); Bag, Miu Miu

In LA West Hollywood: Dress, See by Chloe; Belt, Celine

In New York City: Dress, Kookai; Sandals, Italian Shoemakers; Sunglasses, Emilio Pucci; Bag, Miu Miu (as you can see, my go-to travel bag!)

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