Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alaia the Great

Azzedine Alaia Fall 2011 Couture

Since I previously mentioned that Azzedine Alaia just came back from an 8 year hiatus from the couture shows, I sought the answer as to why. I found a really great article in Ecouterre written by Yuka Yoneda that summarizes the designer's perspective on the fashion industry to which I completely concur. He was quoted in a Business of Fashion exclusive:
   “Today there is no time for creativity; nobody has time to develop a special silhouette or a special fabric... Four collections for women, four collections for men, another four collections to sell, and everything needs do be done within four, five months—it’s a one-way course towards emptiness. It’s inhuman.”

 I agree. It is completely overwhelming how fast fashion's flip chart turns. I believe in finding clothes that are either timeless and unique in character. Then I keep them for life (if I can!). Besides, if you keep something long enough, it comes back "in style" :)

 Kudos to Mr Alaia for emphasizing quality over quantity. So if I take time between posts and only write about the things I really want to write about, now I won't feel so bad. I'll leave you with another line from the Business of Fashion article that resonates with my view on life:

  "When I wake up I am happy to open my eyes, happy to be alive, to feel good, to have no diseases. And then I ask myself, what will I learn today? Who will I get to know today?"

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day! *bisou*


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