Saturday, June 18, 2011

Midnight in Paris- Hermes & vintage style eye candy

One of my favorite dresses worn by Marion Cotillard's character, Adriana. Love it!
I finally made it to see Woody Allen's newest flick "Midnight in Paris"! It was very cute, culturally rich, and as expected, reminded me of my life long dream of moving to Paris! You will love the 1920's frocks and of course... the multitudes of gorgeous, gorgeous handbags.

Most of the bags featured in the film were Hermes: (while watching the movie, I only caught 4 of them)

Jige Elan - carried by Michael Sheen's wife in the beginning
30cm Birkin X 2 (one Etoupe, one croc) - both carried by Rachel McAdam's mother while shopping
Travel HAC (Haut a Courroie) in Toile/leather combo- the scene where they load up the car
Travel Victoria in Toile/leather combo - same scene as above
Constance - Rachel carries it cross body when Owen tries to show her what "happens" to him at night

There was also a lovely Goyard jewelry box.. and the biggest mystery to all pursebloggers: the natural camel-coloured chain-strapped tote Rachel carries throughout many scenes of the movie. Apparently it is possibly a very rare bag released for Chanel Spring/Summer 2010. It's so mysterious no one can find photo of it!

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