Thursday, June 30, 2011

The hunt is on!

I realise there is a tragic deficit in my closet- I only have one pair of denim shorts! I have been sporting a $15 pair of Costa Blanca (yes, laugh) shorts. And they don't even fit me right. I sorted through my jeans and found myself unwilling to sacrifice any of the 30 + pairs I have to the cut off jean ritual. More so because the fit n flare won't be what I am looking for. Even the ones with ripped rear ends wouldn't work, unfortunately. So I browsed Revolve Clothing's marvelous denim collection and I found two that I fancy. As you can see, I'm boring and more partial to clean lines.

Btw, the jean tally used to be 40+ pairs.. (pretty obsessed, I know!)

Sinclair The Surveyor Mid Short
$174.69 at Revolve

Joe's Jeans Trouser Short
$128.11 at Revolve

1 comment:

  1. *sigh*...I absolutely cannot wait to shop my heart out someday! Well I do take comfort in knowing that its not realistic for the average person to go on a shopping spree anyways so I'll just have to try and acquire 1 clothing item here n there as I can. These jean shorts are hot!