Saturday, January 4, 2014

Get to know Khujo

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a happy and joyous holiday season. It's a brisk and nippy start to 2014 where I live. We go through this every year so there is no use in complaining. If we can't beat the cold, we might as well bundle up and look good, right?

Before the holidays, my girlfriend was on a winter coat hunt. Who better to abet a coat obsession than yours truly? I still cocoon in my treasure-of-a-find Moncler S, even after three seasons (including one third trimester of pregnancy, mind you) and I still get lots of compliments on it. And, I am always eyeing up dream coats without fail!

We found a couple lovely navy houndstooth options from both Soïa and Kyo and Cinzia Rocca which were nice... However by chance, she stumbled across a one-off cream coloured single breasted 3/4 length one while browsing at Simons and it screamed "The One". It would have been love at first sight for me, too! It's by a brand I've never heard of before: Khujo. And there are no lacking in details with a  faux fur collar (removable), lace trimmings (removable), bow-tied belt (removable), inner jacket (removable) and cuffs (you guessed it, removable). Stylish and classic.. and you can personalize it! For less than $300, that's a fairly democratic price point for a decent, warm coat.

Here is the beautiful C modelling her awesome coat:

I am guessing the brand name must sound like the nick name of the NHL goalie, Curtis Joseph and despite having a maple leaf as an emblem, the brand is based in Germany. There's not much to read up on the company itself, but I found from a European online retailer that Khujo was established in 1997 in Hamburg, Germany. The designer, Tobias Schneider was inspired to do cool, vintage looking jackets from old movies. Well, we like it already and hope to see a bit more of their stuff around!

Photo: from Khujo's Facebook page

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