Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Project - Leather leggings

It has been a long time since I completed my last sewing project. This time I have my sights on reviving a couple of old old pair of leather pants that have been collecting dust in my closet. The going price for a good quality, genuine leather legging is anywhere between $500 - $2000 retail so buying a pair is out of the question. There are other wants higher on the wish list. The mustard/tan coloured one I picked up while backpacking in Italy many moons ago and the black ones I have sported, however they are too loose on my now. Unless you are wearing the hot-as-of-now leather jogging pants or if you prefer the western look, leather pants need to be ultra fitted and skinny otherwise.

Here are examples how they are supposed to look- on two very petite ladies, too!

 I was so close to throwing away the tan pair a while ago, but what a waste of leather. And the black ones I was going to sell... so here goes nothing, right? An update of the completed project may take a while or never at all if I should happen to snap a needle on my sewing machine and take out an eyeball! Hahaha

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