Friday, November 8, 2013

Balenciaga Glove Sandals

It's November, which is also my birthday month! I just wanted to share these heels that my husband (and I suppose my baby boy, too) got me. Of course, my sweet hubby knows by now that the best way to my heart is through my soles. For any occasion. Haha. I will be taking a hiatus from handbags for a few years; however, the old cliché that one can never have enough shoes still stands.

Balenciaga glove sandals in aubergine suede & patent.
The Balenciaga glove sandals have been around for a few seasons and there have been different variations available from a mule-slingback style to wedge espadrilles. Nicholas Ghesquière had the midas touch while he helmed the label. He rocked in the shoes and handbags department. I am curious what he will do at LV since he has been named the new creative director. Anyhow, about the shoes I was always hesitant on how high the "glove" front goes up the foot, but once they are on, it's surprisingly flattering and it keeps your feet from pitching forward. They don't make my stumpy legs any more stumpier- at least I don't believe so. Leave it to me to be impractical since there are inches of the white stuff out there, but at least the colour and material are of the season. ;)

And here I've thrown the shoes together with a demure-but-not-really get up. Sorry, I abhor taking outfit selfies, which is not conducive to style-blogging... and unfortunately my little guy at 7 months can't take photos for me yet.

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