Monday, September 30, 2013

New style crush: Christine Centenera

I would like to disregard the fact that she was (and still is) style consultant for Kanye West, but thankfully Christine Centenera is better known as the senior style editor at Australian Vogue. I think her style is pretty fierce and edgy, yet wearable. From what I know and see so far (and love):

1) Her shoe collection is freaking amazing. Apparently she excuses herself with having a high instep as to why she cannot wear flats.

2) She recycles her wardrobe, even if the pieces are straight off the runway. She's been known to wear things from past seasons and mix high and low (ok, semi-low) end stuff, like Uniqlo.

3) She doesn't scream "peacocking" at fashion week events and in her street style photos. You can only see crossed legs, hip-out posing for so long without detecting the vain effort coming through the photo (à la Hollywood starlets).

4) She keeps her hair and makeup simple and consistent to her particular look, hence the outfits are what its all about. Carine Roitfield and Charlotte Gainsburg don't chase beauty trends, and apparently neither does Christine.


5) For a petite gal, she has great legs. So jealous! :)

All photos collected from purse forum and their respective sources.

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