Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest addition & "Mom" bag

I did mention last month something about a very nice Mother's Day Gift... Well, here's the reveal of my pre-loved Chanel Cerf tote- in black deerskin with gold hardware. I had a dilemma which my closest girlfriends (who know how nutty I am) had to endure. And that was deciding between the following bag choices, in order of least expensive to most:

- Botkier Adele Satchel
- Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag
- Kate Spade Mercer Island Sloan Tote
- Lederer convertible bag (basically a twin to the Hermes Kelly)
- Alexander Wang Emile Tote
- Alexander Wang Prisma Tote
- Gucci Vintage Web Boston All-Leather Tote (not the canvas monogram variety)
- Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton Sevigne GM satchel
- Pre-Owned Hermes Herbag
- Pre-Owned Chanel Cerf Tote
- Tod's D-Styling tote
- Miu Miu Patented Accordion Tote
- Pre-Owned Hermes Massai Bag
- Brand New Chanel Cerf Tote
- Pre-Owned LV Mahina Stella PM
- Pre-Owned LV Sofia Coppola  SC Bag

As you can probably tell, with such an eclectic not so short "short list"... I had no clue want I wanted. Then with the help of my dear friends, I had an epiphany and realised that:

1) Buying a contemporary bag will not fulfill me
2) Did I seriously look at LV's?
3) It was pointed out to me that some of my choices were gloomy and depressing- a bit of post partum hormones influencing, maybe?
and 4) I do prefer things that are timeless and classic- things that I will still love in 10 years time.

So that is how the Chanel Cerf Tote won.. and at this time while I am on mat leave the price of a new one from a boutique could not be justified (Sorry, Aleshia!). I also needed to replace an old black Coach Tote purchased from NYC a decade ago, long before Coach came north of the border. As well, I love its understated elegance - not depressing at all. We'll grow old well together, I think!

It came along on an outing where we took some relatives sight-seeing... so as tourists do, we take photos! :)


  1. I absolutely agree!! Although I don't know what the other bags on your list look like I must admit I am attracted to the Chanel Cerf Tote as well for its timeless & classy look. I have 2 LV (but its a lil small to fit all I need) and a Michael Kors (love the leather but isn't as classy and doesn't stand propped up rather slouches). I wanna get a 3rd one that'll have the best of both worlds...timeless, classy and can stand up with elegance. Wishful thinking continues for me too!

    1. Well, we are going shopping in November, are we not, my dear? ;)