Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ebay buying tips from one of the best

I have a couple things in common with Wendy Nguyen from Wendys Look Book include the following:

1) We are both on the petite side.. as Nicole Richie says "5'1 is the new black"
2) Our love of some of the same labels- she completes her outfits with Chanel & Balenciaga handbags
3) A lot of our designer wear are from retail sales/bargains, consignment, online flash sales, and occasionally, Ebay!

Unfortunately, I really wish I had her great legs!

That aside, she created a three part video series on how to shop on Ebay for: Louboutin shoes, Balenciaga handbags, and clothing. I wanted to share just because she has the same approach as I do. I consider myself a confident online shopper and her tips would be just what I'd tell people. She is just more patient, thorough, and funnier. And.. she's probably less biased and opinionated than I would be! Enjoy!

And, I am also adding a bonus link to her really cute 100th youtube video recapping a  journey of memorable outfits:

All videos are from wendyslookbook youtube feed. :)

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