Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Appreciating "Eau de Vintage"

I have to admit that I haven't scoured second hand stores for clothing in a long time. I love consignment websites, but have not visited many actual stores. It was always the musty smell, even in the nicer stores, that got to me. The last time I was in a Salvation Army with my husband, his jacket was stolen but had turned out mysteriously in the change room, probably because he does not keep his wallet there.

However, there was a time during my undergrad days when I was totally grunge and loved second hand goods. I loved lumber jackets, beat up jerseys, and I always had my ugly brown zip up hoodie- as seen below in an ancient photo. It was heinous but it was like my "Linus" blanket. I wore it camping, backpacking to Europe, out clubbing, etc. Gosh, that was so so long ago...  :)

My Linus sweater
I was experimenting with braids that year-
no explanation for why I was making that face though- Sorry!

Recently I met a cool gal who is way more fashion nutty than I am. We had a lunch and window shop date a couple weeks ago and she took me to a place called Swish. It's a pretty cool place with extraordinary vintage women's clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. When the movie "Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy" was out, we were there looking for eyeglasses like the ones Gary Oldman wore in his role. Dear hubby was fascinated with getting a pair for himself, so I wasn't looking for myself. Anyhow, my friend had some amazing finds including almost-never worn Altuzarra heels. Lucky for my friend, there is a frequent consigner who travels around the world and brings back luxurious goods she barely wears... and this lady has the same shoe size as her! I only wish I had a shoe fairy too then I'd be check in all the time!

That day at Swish, again I wasn't really looking for myself. My thoughts were on ideas for accessories for my friend who will be attending Natalia Vodianova's annual "Love Ball". This year its held in Monaco at the end of this month, July 27- I'm sure the photos will show up in Vogue. The theme for the ball is the 1960's and before departing for her vacation, my friend told me she decided on a vintage Dior dress but had not settled on accessories yet. So I snapped some photos which I had intended to send to her for ideas. Even though I didn't find anything for my friend, there was tonnes of cool pieces. I especially love the pink beaded dress.. hmmm...

Oodles of accessories.. some go back to 1920's
Maybe one day I'll find a Van Cleef and Arpels necklace?

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