Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sahara Bugaboo & Kate Spade Stevie Bag

My sister and brother and law brought back a Kate Spade Stevie baby bag from Vegas as an early gift for little Bambino, and it appears the neutral colours of the bag and pop of colour will coordinate well with the Sahara Special Edition Cameleon stroller we picked for him- we love it. He may be riding in style come springtime, I think! Hopefully it'll all still be presentable when covered in burp-up, spilled milk, Starbucks latte stains, mud, and cookie crumbs.

Mind you, the fine print says "Do not hang luggage or bags on handles- will cause instability"... But it appears no one really listens. I see baby bags, shopping bags, coats etc hanging off strollers all the time.   In our case, I think when not using the bassinet, the bag's weight will distribute more centrally. I hope! 

Never mind the other random things in our basement :)

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