Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paris in 2 weeks!

It was Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris and there was some really interesting street style on display by the (lucky!) attendees. I would like to think this would give me ideas on what to pack for our trip to the City of Lights for Valentine's week... but woe is me, not much in the my closet fits right now and nor will anything I'll be trying on. Why bother, right? My window shopping list of things to check out is limited to only accessories (hinted to the hubby about the necessity of a Goyard tote ;), shoes, and flagship perusing. Do you think the Hermès rooftop garden is open in the middle of winter? The only sure bet is going to be a stop at Petite Bateau for our little guy- they have super cute baby cardigans! Anyhow, I digress... here are some of the great snaps of the très cool looks I like:

I'm sure this has happened to everyone - the day you and your friend accidentally wear a similar thing.
Photo: Tommy Ton via

Gosh, that is one amazing coat or dress or both!
Photo: Tommy Ton via

Double scarf!
Photo: Tommy Ton via

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